Thurs Jun 14 |  7pm  |  The Wellesbourne  |  West LA

Women in Animation will be back at The Wellesbourne in West LA for another fun night of cocktails and conversations!
Every month Women in Animation gets together at a local bar or restaurant for a networking mixer. These mixers are a great opportunity for WIA members to meet each other and fellow animation professionals. Please bring yourself, your cards and your colleagues.

The Wellesbourne is a 21+ venue.  You must be 21 years of age or older to attend this mixer.

Thursday Jun 14th @ 7pm

The Wellesbourne
10929 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064



Landmark Movie Theatre garage: 
10850 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 (inside Westside Pavilion)
3 hours free parking, then a small fee per hour after that.

Public metered lot:
2377 Midvale Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064
(on the corner of Midvale Ave. and Pico Blvd.)

WIA Mixers Best Practices and Better Enjoyment for All

We are delighted to organize mixers for our membership, and we certainly want these events to be fun and meaningful experiences for all of our attendees. We seek to provide a casual yet safe atmosphere for those in the animation industry and those interested in the animation industry to connect. To ensure that we are creating the best possible environment for that to happen, we suggest the following best practices for our attendees:

1. Please sign in upon arrival with your full name and an email address. 

2. Please wear a valid WIA name tag.

3. Please come prepared to purchase either a drink or food item or both, as these are no-host mixers and we want to be gracious guests. Our venues provide space and additional personnel on the evenings we are there with the expectation that they will have an opportunity to drive a certain amount of business from our group. Your support in this equation is critical to our being able to continue to put on the mixers.

4. If you choose to drink alcohol, please be prepared to show ID. Please drink responsibly and be prepared to have a safe way to get home afterwards.

5. Please settle your tab before leaving, including leaving a tip for the server.

6. Please make an effort to meet someone new. We love that you bring your friends and use the time to catch up with them, but a mixer is meant to be an environment where people can meet new people, so please participate in “mixing with others” to make this work. If you need a bit of social support with this, please ask a WIA volunteer to help introduce you around the room.

7. You are free to exchange contact information with other guests if you so choose via business cards, social media or other means.  Please remember that each individual holds her/his own personal responsibility in protecting her/himself when revealing such information.

8. Please keep in mind that while WIA mixers are casual social events, they are also professional association gatherings, therefore the same code of personal conduct that you present in a professional environment is expected.  

9. If you have a concern regarding someone else’s behavior, if you do not feel safe or if someone is bothering you during the mixer, please notify an attending WIA volunteer for support.

10. For everyone’s personal safety at the mixer, if you see something that seems out of place, odd or unsafe, say something.

Thank you for respecting these best practice suggestions, and enjoy yourself at our mixers!

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