Margaret Dean

About Margaret Dean


Marge Dean is currently the General Manager for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the largest stop motion studio in Southern California. She supervises the production of “Robot Chicken”(Adult Swim) as well as “Super Mansion”, (Sony’s Crackle). Dean is also tasked with expanding Stoopid Buddy’s range of work to include 2D and 3D CGI.

Known for building studios and animation pipelines, Ms. Dean was responsible for the design or re-design of several studios large and small; including Columbia-TriStar TV; Warner Brothers Animation, Omation (Steve Oedekerk), Technicolor Animation and Wildbrain Entertainment. Just prior to joining Stoopid Buddy, Dean was the Director of Production at Mattel’s Playground Productions. Once again, Ms. Dean built a structure for an expanding animation entity but this time in the largest toy company in the world; supervising the production of over 1500 minutes of animation content in all media including CGI, Harmony, Flash, and Stop Motion