One on One Mentoring Overview

Mentors share knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of Women in Animation members.  The personalized nature of mentoring allows a mentee to steer the content of the discussion to issues and goals that are most relevant to them.

Mentor relationships can influence each partner to become their best and most vibrant animation self.



STEP 1:  Mentors complete an online registration form.

STEP 2:  Next, mentees also sign up online and select which mentor(s) are a good match.  Mentor pairings need not be geographically near one another.  Meeting remotely is fine.

STEP 3:  Mentors then choose a mentee from those who selected them.

STEP 4:  An email arrives announcing the pairing.  Anyone not paired for this session will get priority in the next rounds.

STEP 5:  An online info-session for all participants will explain the program and answer your questions.

STEP 6:  Mentorship pairs decide their own meeting schedule of 2 hours/month in any way they choose – 30 min/week, 60 min/biweekly or a single 2 hour session/month.

STEP 7:  Within the first month, the mentee’s goals for the partnership are defined and added to the pair’s meeting log.

STEP 8:  Mentees drive the sessions to meet their goal(s).  Meetings are logged online in brief.

STEP 9:  The partnership lasts for 6 months.


A Confidential Partnership
The relationship is confined to two people and built upon trust. A safe environment to the mentee to discuss work-related issues and explore solutions to challenges.

Mentors are typically outside the mentee’s immediate team, and not in their reporting line.

Mentors can offer valuable insights and information when well matched.

Mentees drive the relationship and help set the direction to meet their development needs.

A Way to Build Community
Working together outside the work place introduces animation professionals across the board. It can foster more diversity by building a welcoming space where everyone belongs.


A job interview or a way to get a job, in either direction.

A shift of responsibility to the Mentor for the Mentee’s career path or success in the industry.

A permanent relationship. The formal mentorship has a start and end date.

A public resource. Confidentiality is expected in both directions