Frequently Asked Questions

Review the list of 1 on 1 FAQs below that cover all general questions for the program.  If you can’t find the answer to your specific question, please email us at ..

What is One on One Mentorship? What are the goals?

Experienced animation professionals coach individuals eager to move forward with a particular career goal. Together each pair determines their focus early on and take deliberate steps to achieve that outcome over a six-month period, June – November 2019.

Please view our program overview page for details on how the pairings are created.

Additional Goals:

  • Exposing mentees not only to seasoned professionals, but other work cultures
  • Creating partnerships outside of one’s own work group, city, country
  • Enjoying a safe confidential place to grow
  • Developing and nurturing women leadership potential

Who can apply to One on One Mentorship?

Anyone with strong industry experience is welcome to sign up as a mentor. Some mentors will have very specific expertise; others will have more general experience in several disciplines.

Mentees are required to have three years of work experience in animation which can be in any aspect – TV, Features, Games, VR, Education, Stop Motion, etc.

Why are mentees required to have 3 years experience?

For Emerging Professionals (1-3 years’ experience) we are offering a program specifically designed to support you in learning about the business and building a solid core of peers across studios. Studies have proven time and time again that the most successful women have relied on a close-knit inner circle of other women for guidance, support and gender specific job advice.

Additionally, because you are all newer to the industry, we want to broaden the scope of the mentorship to give you a broader education about the different parts of the business through your mentor and other guest speakers.

Our goal is to help you create a broad understanding and connections across the business as well as deep connections with your group that will grow and endure throughout your careers.

This program is being developed now and will be announced this summer.

Do I have to live in Los Angeles?

No, mentors and mentees can live anywhere. Meetings can be local if that makes sense but are often over the phone or video conferencing.

Can I apply to One on One Mentorship if I participated in the other programs?

We typically have more mentees than mentors. To allow us to reach as many mentees as possible, we ask that you not reapply for a mentor if you have already had one in this program. Down the road we will readdress letting mentees reapply.

Mentors, however, can apply to any program every year if they desire. Thank you if you do!

What if I applied last year and didn’t get selected? Do I get priority?

Not exactly. Because the pairs are selected by the mentor and mentee, you have the same chances each year of getting selected. Once you select your mentors, they will choose their mentees from that group. The more mentees who select the same mentor, the smaller their chances of getting selected by that mentor.

Can students apply to One on One Mentorship?

No, we are only accepting mentees with three years of animation work experience. Research studies encourage women emerging professionals to join cohorts around their own experience level. We are developing those programs for later in 2019.

Will every mentee be matched with a mentor?

Unfortunately, we can only have as many pairings as we have mentors signed up. For 2019 we will have about 100 pairs. We will announce the pairs in June and let you know if there wasn’t a match for you this year.

I’m new to this. How will I know what to do?

Prior to the program kick off you will be invited to an instructional webinar outlining the program with a particular focus on getting started. Along the way the WIA Mentoring Committee is available to help you define your goals, answer questions, strategize or work out problems, including ending the pairing early if that’s the right outcome.