Tues Feb 11  |  7pm  |  The Animation Guild  |  Burbank, CA

We’ve all been to tons of panels about how important networking is. We all know that we need to do it, but we don’t always know how. This workshop/workshop series is designed to give participants actual tools they can use along with practical application of those tools and feedback so that when you leave the event, you can start making a difference in your networking efforts immediately. We will to shift your energy around networking and turn the idea of building connections from something that’s awkward and stilted to a fun and natural part of building an awesome career. Led by Aydrea Walden, this interactive session is designed to share practical skills you can use in the real world to meet, connect and expand your professional network with the help and guidance of some very special VIP guests.  VIPs joining for the evening include:

Patricia Villetto, Writer Sherley Ibarra, VP Creative Talent Development and Outreach
Tiffany Thomas, Writer
Chiara Gillette Monteiro, Talent Relations Coordinator
Suzanne Buirgy, Producer
Paige Woodward, Visual Development Artist/ Conceptual Designer
Monique Beatty, VP Physical Production
Sondra Verlander,  CG Supervisor
Jeannie Yip, Surfacing Lead

Tuesday February 11, 2020
7 – 9pm

The Animation Guild
1105 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
* Street parking only – please allow extra time for parking

$45 for WIA Members
This is a ticketed event requiring an RSVP and a fee. Please register at the top of this page if you will attend.
Space is limited, and when full a waitlist will be started.  Registration cancellations will be accepted until Monday, February 10, 2020 at 12:00 PM.


A former newspaper reporter, Aydrea Walden has since written for animated shows on Nickeolodeon, Disney and Amazon; and currently works as a development executive for Dreamworks TV at NBC Universal.  She also has extensive experience working in animation production management, starting in 2D television animation at Nickelodeon and Disney, and then moving into CG features at Dreamworks Animation where she worked on Croods, Home, Trolls and How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.