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A Recruiter's Guide to Getting the Job

As a recruiter, I’ve noticed that artists of all experience levels can experience difficulty landing a job due to little things like website or resume formatting. Students or recent grads aren’t sure how to best display their abilities or how to create a resume with their lack of experience, experienced artists don’t know how to format a portfolio for a supervising position, and experienced veterans might struggle to find the next gig due to an outdated portfolio.

In this circle, we will work on creating relevant resumes and/or portfolio pages targeting your desired jobs. We will also optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters and discuss the do’s and don’ts of interviews!

This circle is open to artists of all levels, including those looking to switch career tracks.

Mentee Criteria

Experience Level:
Student (last year of study)
1-3 Years
3-5 Years
5+ Years

Meeting Times & Dates

Please note: Meeting times and dates are subject to change by your Circle Mentor

Times Per Month:  Twice per month

Dates:  Thursday

Meeting Times:  Evenings (EST)

Circle Leader

Ellen Su

Ellen is a doer of many things. Currently she is the artistic recruiter at Titmouse. Previously she worked as a director/designer for commercial clients such as Nickelodeon, Katy Perry, Facebook, NBA, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, TED-Ed to name a few. She teaches at the School of Visual Arts, is the co-lead of the Women in Animation NYC Chapter, and a past PUP intern at Pixar Animation Studios. Having been on both sides of the table as a freelance artist looking for work and a director/recruiter hiring artists for projects, Ellen has unique insight about the kind of information that would be extremely valuable to artists trying to break into the industry.

You can check out her work on

Title/Expertise:  Artistic Recruiter

Company:  Titmouse

Location:  New York

LinkedIn / Website: