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Animation: Pace Yourself Towards Success.

You didn’t get your dream animation job at a feature house right out of school? That’s okay! Why the rush?

Let’s talk about how to use this time to improve your craft in animation and the many other opportunities that live outside the big feature studios.

Mentee Criteria

Experience Level:

Student (final year)

0-1+ years

Meeting Times & Dates

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Times Per Month:  Weekly

Dates:  Tuesdays

Meeting Times: 7-8pm EST

Circle Leader

Amanda Renfroe

One of Steamroller’s most veteran team members, Amanda Renfroe joined Steamroller as a production manager. She is currently the Head of Animation for Steamroller.

Amanda has animated, led, and supervised several elite projects within the gaming and film industry throughout her career. Some projects include Destruction All-Stars (in partnership with Lucid Games), Anthem (in partnership with BioWare), Cyberpunk 2077 (in partnership with CD Projekt Red), and Spice Frontier (Steamroller project), Mortal Kombat 11 (in partnership with NetherRealm Studios), and Prey (in partnership with Arkane Studios).

Amanda is passionate about empowering Steamroller to be the best version of itself, ensuring that both animators and leadership have an environment where they not only feel comfortable, but also, where they can be challenged and grow professionally.

Title/Expertise:  Head of Animation

Company:  Steamroller Animation

Location:  Florida

LinkedIn / Website: