Our New Mentorship Application Process

Three easy steps to join the WIA Mentorship Program!

Our 2020 Mentorship Program has been updated to provide an easier and more manageable process for both Mentors and Mentees alike.  We’ve automated the process and several different features allowing us to grow the program with more offerings to potential mentees and an all-around simple process.  Review the simple three steps below on how you apply to the WIA Mentorship Program.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Mentorship Program is for Active WIA Members only, if you are not a current WIA Member with active status, you will need to join or renew your membership prior to completing any of the steps below.

Create your Mentorship Account in the system, by entering your email address that is affiliated with your WIA Membership Account.  You’ll need to be a current WIA member in the system in order to create your mentorship account.

Upon entering your email address and creating your account, you’ll receive an email to verify your email address and activate your account, and then proceed to the next step of completing your Mentorship Program profile.

Now that your Mentorship Account has been created and activated in Step 1, you can move on to Step 2.  Once your account is activated you can either click on the button in your activation email, or login to your account on our website to edit and complete your Mentorship Program profile.

The information within your profile will be used as your application information when applying to a Mentorship Program, so please make sure to be very thorough and complete all fields in the profile 100%.  By completing all profiles in your field, you ensure that you can be considered for any active program.

If you leave some fields in your account blank, the system will alert you upon trying to apply for a program if that field is required and needs you to fill it out before being able to apply.  You’ll see this in the right hand column of the application page, which alerts you to the fields you still need to complete.

Make sure that all of the information you enter into your profile is accurate and current.  You do not have to complete your profile all in one session, anything you enter can be saved and then completed and updated the next time you login.

Once your profile is complete you’re ready for the final step of the process.  Head to the WIA mentorship program page you wish to apply for, find the program of your choosing and click ‘apply’.  That’s it!  Your application has been submitted, and will be reviewed by the WIA Mentor or Mentors assigned to that program.

After the designated time for mentors to review has passed, you will be alerted as to whether you were accepted into the program.  If you are not selected, you can re-apply once the next round of applications becomes open.