• Develop knowledge and confidence to become an Art Director in TV production
  • Work with your circle peers to develop supervising skills
  • Learn how to balance the demanding qualities vs. the team player qualities an art director needs: It’s all in the attitude
  • Critiques and push yourself as a creative force in animation
  • Gain new relationships and build trust among female peers


Once per month for 2 hours on a weekend day (TBD)


  • Mentee must be an active WIA Member Based in Los Angeles
  • 2 years experience as a BG Painter or Color Stylist on a tv/streaming production
  • Production design experience. Can include Development, Character or BG design
  • Online portfolio including personal work


Carol Wyatt

Carol Wyatt began her career with a BFA in Communication Design/Illustration from Otis/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. Her editorial and commercial illustration work combined with graphic design training landed her a job in the animation industry right out of college. Starting out as a painter and color key artist in the late 1980’s, Carol took on every job in animation to learn the production process. Soon, she was designing titles and logos, animating commercials, art directing, and supervising on Emmy award winning TV series, films, and commercials. She worked alongside some of the most influential animators in the industry, incorporating story telling elements in all aspects of the animation process. After 30 years in animation, Carol has spent most of her career designing the look for TV series through art direction, painting, and color.