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Breaking Into Action Boarding

Storyboarding for an action show requires a specific skill set that you usually have to learn on the job. Breaking in can be difficult. In this circle, we’re going to learn the necessary skills so you can jump into that first job with confidence. Our goal is to create a storyboard sample for your portfolio that shows you understand this very special corner of the industry.

In this mentorship circle, we’ll talk about some of the key skills required for storyboarding action cartoons. How to:

  • Zero in on the conflict of a scene
  • Develop a short-hand drawing style
  • Use screen direction, staging, and strong composition to create clear, easy-to-follow boards
  • Breathe life into your characters
  • Use Storyboard Pro up to industry standards

The ideal candidate already has a working knowledge of Storyboard Pro. An understanding of film language is also helpful. This circle is for artists ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We will have homework and feedback, as the goal is to have a finished sample board by the end.

This circle is great for:

  • Pre-professionals looking to break in
  • Early professionals wanting to make the leap from revisionist to storyboard artist
  • Pros who want to pivot onto an action show


Please submit at least one storyboard animatic sample that shows a working knowledge of Storyboard Pro. Can be short, 30 seconds to a minute is fine. Additional storyboard samples or drawing samples a plus.

Mentee Criteria

Experience Level:

0-1 Years

Meeting Times & Dates

Please note: Meeting times and dates are subject to change by your Circle Mentor

Times Per Month:  Twice

Dates: Saturday

Meeting Times: Afternoons PST

Circle Leader

Lora Innes

Lora Innes brings a decade of experience to her career in animation.

Lora Innes’ webcomic-turned-graphic-novel series, The Dreamer, had a cult-like following online before IDW Publishing collected it into three graphic novel volumes. The series received award nominations and accolades for its historical accuracy in the story’s Revolutionary War setting. Innes also was the series artist on IDW’s Wynonna Earp, released in conjunction with the SyFy television show.

Innes pivoted her career to animation to work on Skybound’s Invincible animated series, bringing all of her experience as a comic book writer and artist with her. Since Invincible, she’s worked as a storyboard artist on Warner Bros DC DTV superhero movies, Final Space, Gen:Lock for HBOMax, and Netflix’s upcoming Magic the Gathering series.

She was animation director on the Russo Brothers’ SlugFest documentary at AGBO.

Innes loves to give back, especially to younger artists— providing insight and mentoring. She co-hosted the Paper Wings Show, a podcast about the many careers you can have as a visual storyteller. And is co-host of the upcoming The Story So Far podcast. She is an art mentor and contributor to the 212 Creative Network. She uses her platform to fundraise money for causes close to her heart whenever she can.

Innes graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design where she studied film and animation. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Title/Expertise:  Storyboard Artist

Company:  Skybound Entertainment

Location:  Los Angeles

LinkedIn / Website: