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Getting Started in Immersive Entertainment

Spanning a wide range of technologies and mediums that include film, videogames, virtual & mixed reality, and interactive theater, Immersive Entertainment is a new era of transmedia entertainment. Combining traditional film and video game pipelines, Immersive Entertainment offers a variety of projects and roles to artists and producers of all skill levels who are interested in exploring non-traditional paths inside the entertainment industry. In this circle, we will explore the various aspects of the Immersive Entertainment industry with an emphasis on skill building and preparation for entry into one of IE’s many fields.

Mentee Criteria

Any experience level

Meeting Times & Dates

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Times Per Month:  Weekly

Dates:  Thursdays

Meeting Times:  9:00am -9:30am (PST)

Circle Leader

Sarah Barrick

I am a Production Manager at ILMxLAB with a passion for high quality storytelling and creative problem solving in immersive entertainment and extended realities (XR), including episodic Virtual Reality and location based experiences, with an emphasis on creative development and technology in service of story.

Title/Expertise:  Production Manager

Company: ILMxLAB

Location: Bay Area, CA

LinkedIn / Website: