Group Mentoring Overview

Group Mentoring For Students – CURRENTLY IN SESSION

Group Mentoring is a collaborative learning relationship between one Mentor and 4-6 Student Mentees.  The goal is to get female students into the workforce by exploring the different opportunities in the pipeline and preparing them to secure a position in the industry.

This program will provide perspective, insights, resources and guidance as they explore working the industry.  This allows WIA to focus on attracting new women into the field and leverage our leaders’ expertise and time with multiple mentees. It also creates a safe space for students to explore career options and job seeking best practices.

Mentee Criteria:

  • Senior-level or graduate students enrolled in an accredited animation program
  • Must be in school in one of the 5 designated areas: NY, LA, SF, Montreal or Vancouver

Time Span:

6 monthly meetings from January through June 2019


Important Note:

We will be capping the number of applications received at each location so get your applications in early.  Once we reach the cap no more applications for that location will be accepted. See FAQs for more information.


Click the button below of the area you’re located in to apply for the Group Mentoring Program in that city.




November 16 – 30:  Applications open (Until Nov 30 or we reach the cap for that location)

December 3 – 14:  Group leaders select members

Week Of December 17:  Announce Groups

January – June 2019: Groups meet monthly


Attract more women into the animation industry

Provide perspective on the roles and career options within animation

Prepare students to secure a position in the industry

Build strong connections between students and leaders in the industry

Build strong relationships among students who will be entering the field together

Create a confidential group for sharing challenges