Investigating Opportunites, Challenges and the Classroom to the C-Suite Pipeline.

Dr. Stacy L. Smith, Mark Choueiti, Dr. Katherine Pieper and Hannah Clark

With Assistance from:
Ariana Case, Angel Choi and Kevin Yao

June 2019 / USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

The purpose of the present study was to examine the ecosystem of animation for gender inclusion quantitatively and qualitatively. To this end, we assessed gender and the percentage of women of color working above the line, below the line in key roles, and in the executive ranks of both the film and TV animation industry. We also mapped out the U.S. pipeline from 2016-2018, examining the percentage of women enrolled or attending 5 prestigious animation programs and screening animated shorts at the 5 top film festivals in this country.

Qualitatively, we interviewed 75 early career women in animation as well as executives to understand the barriers to inclusion and belonging in the industry. These 75 in depth interviews were supplemented with a survey from over 250 men and women in the animation guild investigating reasons for the lack of gender parity in this industry. Solutions to inequality in key positions are tackled in the report and a way forward to create an organizational and industry wide culture of belonging. Below highlights the quantitative and qualitative key findings.