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Managing And Growing Artistic Talent

In this mentor circle for new managers both production and artistic, we will talk about how to listen, understand and coach artists. The goal is to provide insight and skills to help mentees advance in mid-career roles.

  • Learning about your team and understanding the team’s culture.
  • Handling the constant change of production and artists’ needs.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Making growth connections for the short term and long term.

Mentee Criteria

Exp Level:
1-3 years
3+ years

Potential mentees could be Production Coordinators, first time Production Supervisors and first time Artistic Supervisors. 1-3 years experience at minimum.

Meeting Times & Dates

Please note: Meeting times and dates are subject to change by your Circle Mentor

Times Per Month:  Once per month

Dates:  9/15, 10/13, 11/17, 12/15

Meeting Times:  6:00 – 8:00 pm PST

Circle Leader

Angela Lepito

Angela has worked in the animation industry for over 25 years in a variety of roles. Working with exceptional artistic talent is a key driver for her. Currently, she is the Department Manager for the Feature Story and Art Departments at DreamWorks Animation.

Title/Expertise:  Department Manager, Front End process

Company:  DreamWorks Animation

Location:  Glendale, CA

LinkedIn / Website: