Join us Tuesday Mar 9th, for a WIA Panel Discussion:

Barbie:  Finding Your Voice

Barbie. She’s an icon. A toy. A global brand with over 98% awareness around the world. She was created to be a vehicle for self-expression and dreams, but for most of her fifty years, she existed as the projection of society on a plastic doll, kept in a box, not able to speak for herself. With Youtube and the rise of influencers, we saw the opportunity to finally give Barbie a voice – a voice that could speak for herself and for girls and women around the world – for when Barbie speaks, people pay attention.  The Barbie character and her vlog resonated with demographics and gender across the board and has become an authentic and empowering reflection for women/ girls, generating over 10M subscribers. The Vlog has been called “The only good Youtuber” by Mashable and others, and continues to be applauded for it’s candor and authentic character and opinions.

This panel will explore how the Barbie Vlog and current Barbie Character were created: our goals, purpose, and process.

Panelists Include:

Nathan Baynard
Vice President, Global Brand Marketing – Barbie at Mattel

Julia Pistor
Creator and Writer / Creative Producer, BarbieVlog

Teale Sperling
Manager, Creative Content Mattel and Creative Producer, Barbie Vlog

America Young
Actress / Director, Barbie Vlog

The event will be moderated by Marge Dean, President of Women In Animation.


Wednesday March 9th, 2021
6:30 PST
Live on Zoom


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