Finding Your Fit: Matching Skills with Passion to Create Success in the Industry

Finding Your Fit: Matching Skills with Passion to Create Success in the Industry


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Finding Your Fit: Matching Skills with Passion to Create Success in the Industry


Applications Open:


  • Professionals who may have decided they went down the wrong career path
  • Professionals who may love what they do but want a change
  • professionals who simply out of necessity are looking to make a change


  • Open, supportive discussions in a safe space
  • At minimum one fully dedicated session for each mentee
  • Access to the Mentors’ extensive experience, since we both have made career changes!
  • One on One with either or both mentors. **Optional**”


  • Reviews or critiques of your work
  • Concrete, definitive outcomes
  • Guest speakers specific to your industry or situation

Qualification Criteria

Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)
Mid Level (6-10 yrs of experience)
Upper Level (10+ yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Twice 
Day / Time:  Saturday 8:00 to 10 am
Timezone: PDT

* You must meet the qualification criteria AND be able to attend the posted day/time of the circle (please note the timezone posted)


For many people, finding the overlap between what you love to do and what you are good at can bring success and joy to a career.

This Circle will explore ways to achieve this, resulting in a reaffirmation of your current direction or possibly a re-calibration of that direction.

We will discuss various topics over the course of the Circle, including (but not limited to):

  • Strategies for moving forward on your path, or what happens if I want to change direction?
  • Ample time for discussion and exploration
  • A 1 on 1 session with the Mentor at the end of the Circle term, if desired, to discuss specific thoughts or questions
  • There may be guest speakers from the industry. However, this is not guaranteed as it is based on their schedule and availability

Note: We will not be critiquing your work in these sessions.

ADDITIONAL Application Requirements

Please submit the following as part of your Application Profile:
*(AFTER you click to apply, you must go into your member profile and complete the member-specific portion; these requirements should be submitted through that profile):  

  • Potential Mentees must submit a full resume and detailed Intention for Applying note.
    • Where are you now in your career, and what are you deciding that drew you to this Circle

Circle Leader

Peter Bowmar & Sara Connelly

Peter has had the good fortune to combine his love of movies and games with his passion for technology over a 30-plus-year career.

Starting in live-action special FX, he quickly discovered he hated being on set but loved sitting in front of a computer. Originally from Vancouver, BC, various twists and turns resulted in him living and working in Toronto, Singapore, Los Angeles, London, and then back to Vancouver.

He’s worked variously for SideFX Software, Rhythm and Hues, Framestore, Method Studios, DNEG, and now Quixel/Epic Games.

For fun he enjoys movies, games and traveling, ideally with his family.

Sara is an animation supervisor based in Ottawa, Canada. In the past, she has worked in a variety of roles in animation, including scene fixing, retakes, and as a post-secondary instructor. You can find her work in shows like Tangled the Series, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, and Hilda. Sara is passionate not only about the craft of animation but about creating and fostering healthy & effective work environments.

When she’s not sitting at her desk, you can find her taking her cat for a walk or working on her latest knitting project.


Current Title:
Bowmar: Senior Art Pipeline Developer
Connelly: Animation Supervisor

Studio / Employer: 
Bowmar: Epic Games, Inc.
Connelly: Mercury Films


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