Program Beta Circle A

Program Beta Circle A


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Program Beta Circle A


Circle description

The question most commonly asked whenever I give a guest lecture is, “”how does someone get work as an artist?”” Through my experience interviewing several hundred of the most successful creatives in my field, I’ve found that there are two common habits that these successful people most often share:

  • Consistently creating new work
  • Building and nurturing a creative community

This circle will help you do both.

During our time together, each mentee will identify a creative goal which they already have the financial and logistical means to accomplish. This can be writing a script, composing a song, finishing a painting, updating a reel, or anything you like. Over the course of the circle, we’ll hold each other accountable and help each other with strategies to overcome barriers.

We will also examine relationship building and “networking.” The word “networking” often connotes the kind of ambition-driven, empty connection that runs counter to the sensibility of most artists. In this circle, we’ll discuss strategies for nurturing genuine, creative connection with other artists, and–by extension–cultivating communities with folks that share your creative values. You will also get a chance to hear from special guests from a broad cross section of the industry.

This circle is ideal for creatives who have already completed some original work and are looking for an accountability group to help them through a project in-progress.

Circle Details

Mentee Experience Level

0-1 year

2-3 years

4+ years

Meeting Times & Dates

Times Per Month:  Twice

Dates:  Every Other Sunday

Meeting Times: Early Afternoon (PST)


Composer / Producer

Pasadena, CA

LinkedIn / Website:

Joe Wong

Joe Wong is a Los-Angeles-based composer, musician, producer, and podcast host.

As a composer, Joe Wong’s projects range from Emmy-winning series Russian Doll and Master Of None; to critically lauded The Midnight Gospel, beloved hit YA film franchise To All the Boys, and meticulously-bizarre Adult Swim fare such as, Superjail!. In between those extremes he’s scored Sundance-winning narrative features such as the The Pool and award-winning documentaries such as Independent Lens and 6 Days to Air.

Born in Milwaukee, WI, Joe studied several instruments as a child and began touring and recording with punk and indie bands at age 14. Joe earned a scholarship to Berklee School of Music, where he studied jazz performance and music production, before leaving it all behind to live in isolation at a farm and work on music up to 16 hours a day. After re-connecting with civilization, Joe worked as a drummer—primarily with jazz, latin, and African artists. Later, he moved to NY and reconnected with his rock roots with acclaimed artists: Parts & Labor, Marnie Stern, Aa, Man Forever, and Mary Timony. As a concert musician, Joe has performed with NY-based New Music collective, Wordless Music.

Joe’s debut solo album, the psychedelic, orchestral Nite Creatures, was released to acclaim by Decca/Universal in 2020. He is currently at work on his followup album.

Joe hosts and co-produces The Trap Set, a podcast/radio show about the lives of musicians. Over the course of over 300 long-form conversations, the show has revealed the life stories of a diverse group of icons. The exhaustive roster of guests includes punk luminaries like Ian MacKaye, cult legend Drumbo, Cuban jazz virtuoso Ignacio Berroa, pop superstars such as Sheila E. and Phil Collins, and everyone in between.

Joe co-produced Fred Armisen’s Grammy-nominated Netflix special Standup For Drummers.

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