You need to be an active WIA student member to apply. Our trial membership is ineligible. The good news is we still have our back-to-school 20% discount until December 1, use code Back2School20.

This scholarship program is for students who identify themselves as female or non-binary.

Yes international students in both undergraduate and graduate levels are encouraged to apply!

If you have graduated already, you can’t. However, if you are currently enrolled and will be graduating at the end of 2020 (December), then we would love to get your application.

If you are currently on a leave of absence and are planning to return in the Spring semester as a sophomore, junior or senior student, yes you can apply for the scholarship. When you do, please still submit your transcript and enrollment verification. However, if you will be entering your freshman year starting in Spring 2021, then you are not eligible but you should totally apply next year!

You can apply if you can submit the proof of enrollment that you are returning to school next semester as a sophomore, junior,  senior or graduate student.

While there is no age limit, this program is only for students who have been studying for a series of animation courses to pursue their career in the animation industry. The key information here is that you have to be in sophomore year or up or a graduate school to apply. If you are not sure, just ask us or just apply!

Yes, as long as YOU are interested in working in the animation industry. This is why WIA exists in the first place, to help all the emerging talent.

Yes! When you apply, we need both proof-of-enrollment, to show that you are currently enrolled, and your transcript, to show you have been taking a series of classes. If you are only taking one class, then you can apply next year after taking more classes.


A well-balanced application; meaning all the components in your application should give us a very clear picture about who you are, what you do now, what you want to do in the future as well as why the scholarship can help you achieve your career goals. Most importantly pay attention to what the requirements are as we’ve outlined them very clearly about our expectations and restrictions.

First of all, a reel or an animated film are not required, although we would love to check them out. Our scholarship committee pays attention to all the requirements, not just the portfolio. However, the portfolio is what catches our eyes first. We also dive into the personal statement and transcript to learn more about you.

That is completely up to you in terms of how you would like us to see you as an artist. Our suggestion for you is to put in your strongest work only, which you hear a lot from the recruiters as well.

1) Who you are as an artist. 2) What your career goal is. 3) Why you are applying for this scholarship and how you will plan to use the grant.

If you are interested in production, first of all, we need you in the industry! With the sample of work, you can showcase the project you have worked on and how you, as a producer, have helped complete the work. A resume is incredibly important. If you choose to include a reel or sample work, make sure you credit others properly.

You can submit your enrollment verification which can be a receipt of all the courses you are in or any proofs to show you are currently in school. You can also share us your class schedules which all students should have access to and that’s how you know when your classes take place.


For any questions, please contact WIA Education Program at [email protected]. Stay connected with us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.