2021-22 Scholarship Live Q&A Session

With Hsiang Chin Moe, WIA Chair of Education

WIA Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be a WIA member to apply?

A: You need to be an active WIA student member to apply. Contact us for a special discount offered for students that are interested in applying for the scholarship.

Q: I am not a US student, can I apply for this scholarship?

A: Absolutely! This scholarship is open to students regardless of where you are.

Q: I can’t travel to the US but I am taking online classes for a university based in the US. Can I apply?

A: Yes! However there are requirements that you will need help from your school, including your transcript. Make sure you contact your school ahead of time so you don’t miss the deadline.

Q: I am taking online courses, not degree-seeking schools. Can I apply?

A: Yes, this program is open to all students but who have taken classes previously. You must show proof of enrollment for classes you took before in addition to your current enrollment.

Q: Can I apply for the scholarship if I am graduating after this semester, winter 2021?

A: If you haven’t graduated yet, you can certainly apply. If you haven you can’t.

Q: I am looking to start in Spring of 2021. Would I still be considered?

A: If you are currently on a leave of absence and are planning to return in the Spring semester, yes you can apply for the scholarship. When you do, please still submit your transcript and enrollment verification. However, if you will be entering your freshman year starting in Spring 2021, then you are not eligible because this opportunity is for students in their sophomore to senior year.

Q: My school only has one art major but has animation classes? Does that count?

A: Yes, as long as you are interested in working in the animation industry. This is why WIA exists in the first place, to help all the emerging talent.

Q: For the transcripts, did you want the transcript with all of the credits or the current one we have?

A: We would love to see the whole transcript that shows your cumulative GPA.

Q: I am interested in animation production management so I don’t really have a creative art portfolio. How can I apply?

A: The scholarship is open to students who are interested in all aspects of the production pipeline, including production management. For this, we absolutely need a copy or resume and we highly suggest you focus on your statement of purpose. Lastly, with the sample of work, you can showcase the project you have worked on and how you, as a producer, help complete this work. A resume is incredibly important but at the same time if you are including a reel or sample work, make sure you credit others properly.

Q: What’s the ratio of drawing to sketches to pieces to etc. that generally works?

A: That is completely up to you in terms of how you would like us to see you as an artist. My suggestion for you is to put in your strongest work only, which we hear a lot from the recruiters as well.

Q: What sets a candidate apart from others?

A: A well-balanced application. Pay attention to what the requirements are as we’ve outlined them very clearly about our expectations and restrictions.

Q: What should be included in the artist statement?

A: 1) Who you are as an artist 2) What your career goal is 3)Why you are applying for this scholarship and how you will plan to use the grant; not just to complete one single project.

Q: I am not based in the US, if I get selected, how do I go about getting the cash awards?

A: We will work with you on wire transferring the funds to you. Easy!

Q: My school does not use a GPA grading system? How do I fill in this section?

A:  If your school does not have a GPA grading system, there are three options: 1) If your school does have a grading system, please use an online GPA conversion tool to get an equivalent number. 2) If your school uses a pass/fail system or something similar, then put “N/A” in the application form. 3) If you don’t know what your unique situation might be, let us know by email at [email protected].