WIA Short Films Program - Fall 2017

We’re looking for amazing animated shorts made by women!

This is your chance to have your work screened by industry professionals and to meet key decision makers while inspiring your peers with your animated creations.

In Fall 2017, WIA will host a private screening event in both Los Angeles and New York to screen a selection of hand-picked, curated shorts while providing a forum for industry leaders and executives to meet new and emerging female talent in animation.


The Women In Animation Shorts Program exists to promote female creators in the realm of short film as part of our overall mission of advocacy and talent development in the creative animation industry.

There are some key guidelines that you need to adhere to:

We’re looking for shorts produced between September 2015 and September 2017 with women holding key creative roles and/or the crew for the short were predominantly female.

Key creative roles include:

  • Creator
  • Director
  • Art director
  • Lead Writer

If that sounds like your short, or one you’d like to share with us, please read the guidelines below before clicking the SUBMIT link to send us the short for consideration.

* Work In Progress shorts will be considered.

Submission Guidelines

  • Short must have been created within the last 24 months (2 years) of submission
  • We do accept “Works in Progress” if they are at animatic stage.
  • To be considered, works must feature female leads in one or more of the following categories: Director, Art Director, Animator, Writer
  • Crew should be predominantly female if the crew is more than just the creator

*Please read the submission guidelines on this page before submitting your film.