Statement On The U.S. Supreme Court Decision Regarding Roe V. Wade

Today the Supreme Court of the United States has issued the crushing and devastating decision to end Roe v Wade which will disproportionately harm millions of Americans of underrepresented gender identities and specifically people of color.

In the United States, about 30% of people working in animation are of underrepresented gender identities — women, transgender and non-binary people — who potentially will see their right to safe and adequate reproductive care stripped from them. That’s why we’ve created a resource page of reproductive rights advocacy groups, reproductive health organizations and mental health resources.

We are fully committed to supporting the organizations and groups that have led and continue to lead the fight for full access to reproductive care. Since the initial decision draft was leaked in May, these local, regional and national organizations and advocates have been working hard to create a roadmap with resources, actions and next steps to share. To join the battle for access to reproductive health care, follow and support organizations like: