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Storyboard Artists: Drama, Comedy, Action? What's Your Voice?

This circle is intended for story artists that may have a couple of years of experience in the animation industry but are still struggling to find their own narrative style.

We will analyze different directors, genres and international films to try and see what makes them unique as well as other narrative mediums like video games and comic books. We will make film studies and exercises to try and bring all that knowledge to our own work.

And to tie it all up we will bring a variety of guest speakers to hear about their journey and how they bring their influences to their own work.

Mentee Criteria

Criteria / Experience Level:

Entry Level (1-2 yrs of experience)

Meeting Times & Dates

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Times Per Month:  Once

Day:  Weekends

Meeting Times:  TBD, Mornings (MST)

Circle Leader

Gustavo Cosio

Gustavo Cosío is a storyboard artist with 10+ years of experience in the animation industry for both 2D and 3D. He has worked for several studios in Mexico like Anima Studios and Huevocartoon Studios as well as International studios like Google, LinkedIn, Nickelodeon and Netflix Animation. He’s currently working on a feature film for Netflix Animation.

Title/Expertise:  Story Artist

Company:  Netflix

Location:  Mexico

LinkedIn / Website: