WIA Student Club Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t find 10 students to join the club?

A: That’s okay! Let us know and we will see how we can help you promote.

Q: How do I go about asking WIA’s help to find a speaker?

A: We have a request for a speaker form for all WIA student clubs to fill out after the WIA student club is approved by the WIA Board. Upon receiving the request, WIA Education will assist you in any way possible. Please note that WIA requires all events with speakers sourced from WIA to be open to other WIA student clubs.

Q: Can I still host events during the summer and winter breaks?

A: Absolutely! Just keep WIA Education posted.

Q: Is there any WIA local chapter that we can work with and ask for support?

A: WIA has many local chapters and if your school is located in one of these, we would definitely connect you with the chapter leaders once your club is approved by the WIA Board.

Q: I am a student leader but I am incredibly overwhelmed with my own school work, can I resign?

A: Yes, your schoolwork comes first. In this case, ask your peers to see who can step up to help with running the WIA student club. Once a new officer is elected, please contact WIA Education and let us know so that we can continue to provide support for your fellow students/members.

Q: Is it possible to collaborate with other WIA student clubs to host events together?

A: Of course and we strongly encourage you to do so at least one event of the year. This is to help you and your fellow club members to expand your network outside of school.

Q: It’s in the middle of the semester/quarter, can I still apply to get my WIA student club approved, or do I have to wait till the start of the semester/quarter? 

A: You can apply to start your WIA student club at any time! Just contact WIA Education.

Q: Can I make our own WIA swags?

A: Of course but please make sure you follow our WIA branding guidelines. WIA’s approval is required and needed.

Q: What are the exclusive events for WIA student club members?

A: This is hosted by WIA Education and the topic depends on the needs of the students as well as support from the industry. The information and invitation will only be sent to the WIA student club members. Due to multiple locations of WIA student clubs, these exclusive events will only take place virtually so everyone can attend.

Q: There is already an animation club at my school. Can this WIA student club be a part of it?

A: Yes!

Q: I am a faculty/educator, how do I go about helping my students to start a WIA student club?

A: First of all, thank you so much for your support of your students. Please spread the word to your students and engage their interest in starting a WIA student club. If you have identified potential student leaders, please direct them to fill out the initial questionnaire so we can begin working with them. However, please note that the WIA Club should be, but not limited to, student-run. Please reach out to WIA Education at [email protected] and we would love to chat about how to collaborate.