WIA Student Club Program

The WIA Student Club program is dedicated to working student members to establish official WIA student clubs — both virtual and in-person —at their universities or schools.

Through the WIA Student Club program, student members are afforded opportunities to build an animation, VFX and gaming community within the school, develop leadership skills, expand professional networks, attend exclusive events, and find your allies.

The WIA student club must be approved by WIA Global and approval must be renewed on an annual basis.

Important Dates

WIA Education’s kick-off meeting and general orientation for students who are interested in starting a new WIA student club or renewing one

October 14
Applications due

November 3
Club kickoff event

Mid-year report due + WIA student club check-in meeting

End of year report due + WIA student club check-in meeting


The goals for the WIA student club include:
  • Forming their own animation community within their school by finding peers who share the same passion and faculty advisor to support the event coordination.
  • Seeking opportunities to collaborate with other WIA student clubs to learn and to inspire a bigger community.
  • Most importantly, the WIA student club has direct contact and support with WIA Education and WIA’s network at large.


  • Minimum of 4 events per year (in person or virtual)
    • At least 3 events must be focused on networking and community building within the animation community
    • At least 1 event must focus on Talent Development (e.g. helping club members build their animation skills, confidence, and leadership)
  • Club newsletter sent to your members at least two times per year
  • Attendance at the Student Club annual meet-and-greet event in November
  • One 6-month report and one end-of-year report
  • All WIA student clubs must follow WIA’s general style guidelines for all communication assets, specifically for the use of the WIA logo
  • All WIA Student Clubs must maintain a minimum ten (10) student members to remain in good standing
  • All WIA Student Clubs are expected to follow the application process every year in order to renew the status

Active WIA Student Clubs

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