Hélène Leroux

About Hélène Leroux

Co-director, Back to the Moon

Growing up in Paris, Hèléne made the choice after her first few sketches as a child to never stop expressing herself through that medium. A few years later, in 2013, she graduated from the Gobelins animation school, where she directed her own graduation film ”Floating In My Mind” during an exchange program at CalArts in LA. Since then she found opportunities to work with companies such as Jibjab Studios, Nexus Studios, Studio AKA where she developed skills in art direction, design and animation, before finding her way into the Doodle team at Google where she started in 2015 and has been working ever since. She has worked on a variety of subjects, and is now co-directing a collaborative project between the Doodle team, Google Spotlight Stories and Nexus Studios, called ”Back To The Moon.”