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Unleashing Your Powerhouse - In Work And Life

My circle will focused on 5 parts.  All parts are equally important!

1. How to get your reel together.
2. How to get your resume together/interview prep.
3. Time management. Work/life balance.
4. Personal self love and gratitude training.
5. Facing the world.

1. How to get your reel together.
I will push you to create your own demo reel pieces I know you can complete in the time frame given and help you focus your work to get your dream job. There are simple hacks to land the gig and that’s where I come in to help! I help with choosing pieces, editing, timing and how to present your work in the best ways possible. Strong demo reels are key!

2. How to get your resume together/interview prep.
I will help you make a clear resume and give interview skills that will help catch recruiters eyes.

3. Time management. Work/life balance.
As artists before we enter a studio, we are our own producers! I have been working since I was 15 and learned very early on how to achieve multiple tasks. I will give a full course giving my tips on how to utilize your time in the most efficient way during school and at new jobs.

4. Personal self love and gratitude training.
Self love is the secret to succeeding in everything in life. This will be incorporated in every course but I will dedicate an entire one, to loving ourselves as a whole and going over how to overcome negative self talk and appreciating your journey.

5. Facing the world.
What is life after college? How to navigate and what to expect moving forward. Following your dreams can be difficult sometimes but it is good to remember that they do come true with time and perseverance.

Mentee Criteria

Exp Level:
0-1 year
1-3 years

Moderate level experience with Maya and their desired program.  High motivated and ready to work!  Also anyone who is just excited about life and following their dreams!

Meeting Times & Dates

Please note: Meeting times and dates are subject to change by your Circle Mentor

Times Per Month:  Twice per month

Dates:  9/1, 9/15, 9/29, 10/13, 10/27, 11/10, 11/24, 12/1, 12/8

Meeting Times:  4:00-6:00pm (PST)

Circle Leader

Christina Faraj

Hi all! My name is Christina Faraj and I have spent the last 4 years at Pixar Animation Studios as a Sets Technical Director. During my time I have worked on 4 feature films, 4 short films, 1 Disney Plus+ show, and 2 VR projects. I am widely skilled in all aspects of CG but focus on environment building. Almost 5 years ago I finished co-directing my very own short film, Unmasked, which was nominated for a Student Emmy and graduated as Commencement Speaker of the BFA Class of 2016 at the School of Visual Arts.

I spend most of my time now helping artists becoming their best selves and achieving their goals outside of my daily work life. Besides helping you create demo reels, and learn how to present your work, I will be by your side each step of the way to learn how to be self confident and to love your work and yourself.

Title/Expertise:  Sets Technical Director

Company:  Pixar Animation Studios

Location:  Based in NY right now during pandemic

LinkedIn / Website: