Every year, WIA is devoted to help as many students as possible. In 2020, eight students were selected as most deserving of scholarship recipients. Please check here for their portfolios as well as the entire scholarship program along all the opportunities.

WIA President Marge Dean and Chair of Education Hsiang Chin Moe presenting the awards to three LA-based winners: Marion Parajes, Minh-Chau Nguyen and Clarisse Chau at BRIC 2020 Talent + Innovation Summit.

WIA President Marge Dean presenting the awards to Clarisse Chau at BRIC 2020 Talent + Innovation Summit.


In addition to the WIA Scholarship Program, please check out a growing list of scholarship opportunities offered by many other domestic and international organizations. If you have any scholarship opportunities that you would like to share with the WIA student members, please contact us directly at [email protected].