Who can participate in the Roar Art Project?

WIA welcomes all people at least 18 years old to participate in the Roar Art Project.


How long will the WIA Art Project run for?

We currently plan to accept submissions through the end of 2017. However, we may choose to extend this, depending on the community’s response.


How do I submit my art?

Please use the online form at womeninanimation.org/roar to submit your art. You can upload it directly on that page. Or, if your art is greater than 25MB in size, you can provide a link for us to view or download it.


Can I submit a work that I created for another project?

Yes! You can submit any work that you own and have the right to share. However, we will not be able to use any art that you may previously have sold the rights to, so as not to infringe upon anyone’s ownership.


Why can’t I submit a work using others’ names or likenesses?

Broadly publishing a work of art using any person’s or company’s name or likeness without their consent is potentially punishable by law. We need to protect you and our organization from this liability.


What will WIA do with this art?

We plan to share your artwork in our online gallery as well as across our social channels. We will also share the art in conjunction with our events dealing with Sexual Harassment. WIA will not have the right to sell this art, as it belongs to the artist.


Will WIA own the art?

No. The artist owns the art. By submitting the art, you give WIA the right to share it publicly, but WIA does not own the work.


Will I be credited for my art?

Yes, we will share your name and the title and description you provide of your work.


Can I submit my artwork anonymously?

Yes, you can request that we share your work anonymously. However, in order for us to be sure that you have the right to submit this art, we can only consider using your artwork if you submit it to us with your name and contact information. We will keep that information only for our records and never share it publicly.


When will the Online Gallery be up?

The online gallery will be up by the end of November.