Artists Creating from Home: A Series of Home Studio Visits

The Artist At Home series for our 2020 Virtual Summit is a collection of pre-recorded clips offering a glimpse into artists workspaces from around the world.  We’re very excited to bring this intimate look into these very talented artists and their workspace, and we would like to thank every single artist who participated and took the time to share a look at their home studios with us.

Thank You To All Participating Artists

WIA would like to give special thanks to all participating artists listed below:

Clare Knight, Editor

Celine Desrumaux, Production Designer

Christine Bian, Art Director, Fast & Furious: Spy Racers

Aliki Theofilopoulos, Executive Producer, Harvey Girls Forever

Jacob Frey – Animator

Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay (Visual Development Artist) & Normand Lemay – Story artist

Jackie Koehler – Animator / Andrew Ford

Dana Terrace – executive producer/creator, “The Owl House”

Kassandra Heller – art director, “Big City Greens”

Dorothea Gerassimova, art director, “Mira, Royal Detective”

Matt Braly, creator/executive producer of “Amphibia.”

Andrea Goh – Layout Artist

Dana Murray, Producer

Heather Larkin, Story Supervisor

Sylvia Chen, Character Simulation Artist; Valerie Kao, Designer; Crystal Kung, Designer

Julie Zackary, VP, Production Strategy & Operations

Maraiah Tominez, Animator

Gerrard Southam, Previs Lead

Fiona Darwin, Concept Artist

Kristen Anderson, Art Director

Regis Schuller, Layout Supervisor

Paloma Baeza, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Emma and Marc

Megan Dong – Executive Producer

Liz Hemme, supervisor on rumble

Megan Deane, Lead Lighting and Compositing Artist

Rachel Doda – Story Artist

Autumn Elizonda – compositor and VFX artist

Alyssa Lisiecki – animator

Jessie Wrubel 3D Camera and layout artist

Brittany Shively, 3D vis dev

Caitlin VanArsdale, story artist

Lizzie Nichols, vis dev

Nicky Lavender – CG Supervisor

Clara Chan – CG Supervisor

Vanara Tang, Editor

Nora Earlie, Storyboard Artist, Space Jam 2

Spike Brandt, Animation Director, Space Jam 2

Viviana Caro – senior audio artist

Tonya Noerr – lead animator

Whitney Ralls – Writer

Jessica Borutski, Sup Dir – The Loud House

Daron Nefcy – EP Development

ChristinaLaFerla – CG Supervisor

Tian Yuan, Viz Dev artist

Elle Shi, Viz Dev artist

Wang Rui, Viz Dev artist

Vicky Jenson, Director

Sasha Schotzko-Harris, Story Artist.

Susan Fitzer, Editor

Maureen Fan – CEO and co-founder at Baobab Studios

Monique Henry-Hudson “Production Secretary, Netflix Animation”

Valerie Fletcher, supervising director

Cinzia Angelini – director

Laura Brousseau – co-director

Joanna Quinn – diretor

Tamsin Black – Trainee Art Director, film Ron’s Gone Wrong.

Justin Hutchinson-Chatburn – Art Director Ron’s Gone Wrong

Liz Malpelli – Story Supervisor

Babeth Patte – Marketing Director

AnChi Shen – Story Artist

Dawn Yamazi – VP of Talent Recruitment

Lead Surfacing/Texture Artist, Sunrise Productions

Managing Director, The Storyteller Pod

Founder & Director, Bright Media Group

Amanda Barnes – production manager

Kei Chong – digital desing supervisor

Voice Over Artist

Sarah Mercey, Storyboard Artist

Paulette Emerson, Modeling Supervisor