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At WIA, we recognize that while all of us belong to the same WIA Global community, there is deep value in building meaningful connections with members who share the same geographical location, interests, company, and/or intersectional identities.  Through these specialized cooperatives, the WIA Communities program can:

  • Foster environments of support and a more profound sense of belonging within the industry.
  • Expand opportunities for mobility in the field.
  • Promote meaningful relationships and trust between members.
  • Stimulate conversations that speak to the unique needs of distinct enclaves within our larger WIA Global community.

WIA Communities bring together members from local areas, schools, companies or even expertise and interest to build a hyper-local network of support and learning. Browse through our current active communities and update your communication preferences to receive notifications on upcoming events and more!

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WIA Chapters

There are several types of communities (groups) that fall under the WIA Community umbrella.


Goal: Community Building
Connects are single events with the goal of gathering and building a community of people who are invested in gender justice in animation. These events focus on networking and education attendees about WIA’s mission. Connect events can center on shared geography (in-person) or shared interest (virtual only). Connects have taken place in various areas globally including Atlanta, Cape Town, South Africa, and Johannesberg, South Africa. To stay up to date on upcoming Connects, sign up for our Digest. 


Goal: Community Building + Talent Development
Once a community has been established via Connects events, a group can apply to become a WIA Collective. WIA Collectives continue to offer community building via Connects events and also adds the element of talent development designed specifically for their members’ interests. 


Goal: Community Building + Talent Development + Advocacy
Chapters continue to offer community building events and talent development opportunities and then add the element of partnering with WIA Global to advocate for gender justice designed specifically to advance your targeted community. 


WIA affiliates are independent, like-minded organizations that have partnered with WIA to further our shared vision. Affiliate partnerships will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to join or start a community, please reach out to If you’re a student inquiring about Student Collectives, go here for more information.

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