The mission of the WIA Legacy & Archives program is to educate and to inspire today’s women while honoring and preserving our predecessors. By looking back to see where we started, and by noting how far we’ve come, we stand upon a solid foundation to launch into how much further we need to go. A Special Collection of WIA historical documentation is housed at UCLA, and WIA invites members to participate in the following ongoing Legacy projects:

  • Oral Histories: tracking down elders of our community so that we may produce video/audio/photographic Oral Histories to preserve the story of their lives in our industry.
  • Spotlight Stories: a growing WIA collection of insights, experience and advice gathered from innovative women in animation, past and present.
  • WIA Database: collecting copies of (or links to) all the resources we can find that we will eventually release as a WIA website-accessed database to create the best online resource for all information about women in animation.

Contact the WIA Legacy & Archives committee now to be a part of the team!