WIA is pleased to partner with creator Cassie Soliday and The Ink and Paint Folk Podcast, celebrating inividuals working in animation and exploring representation behind the scenes and on the screen.

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Featured Ink And Paint Episodes

Andrea Serralde, Production Coordinator

Andrea Serralde discusses how she became an accent coach to Miguel’s voice actor, how she stays organized and on top of her responsibilities, along with her best kept Google productivity secrets, and how she determines priorities when everything is a priority.

Caitlin Menard, Animation Supervisor

Caitlin Menard shares that experience of pivoting career expectations, how she transitioned from college into the workplace, and what her workload looks like as an animation supervisor.

Caitlin Langelier, Animation Writer

Caitlin Langelier shares how she transitioned from stand up comedy to animation, how she pitched herself as a writer, how an elusive writers summit invite turned into her pitching her own ideas for future episodes, and the joys of working as a production coordinator and writer on the adorable preschool show, Dino Ranch!

Sandra Payne, Writer & Creator

Sandra Payne shares how she found the writing path after a winding road of uncertainty, how she learned to give herself permission to greenlight her own projects to develop and create, as well as why she believes you should never give up.

Keely Propp, Storyboard Artist

Keely Propp shares how she gets jobs, keeps them, and how you can, too. She’s always looking to improve her working habits and greatly believes in the power of mentorship.

Fadia Alhallak, Storyboard Artist

Fadia Alhallak discusses why quitting was never an option, how she adapted along the way, how every experience- success or failure- leads you to becoming a stronger person– they don’t call it growing pains for nothing.

Patricia Pham, Storyboard Artist

Though she never thought she wanted to be a storyboard artist, Patricia Pham found herself crossing over from production to art clean up and a couple gigs later, she’s a storyboard artist!

Whitney Tang, Storyboard Artist

Whitney Tang shares why networking is so important to thriving in the industry, how she boards action sequences, pre-school song sequences, and why she enjoys both!

Lexie Kahanovitz, Writer

Lexie Kahanovitz shares how creating her own show, The Super Fun Show with Learning, along the way opened doors, about her long journey to getting a foot into the industry, and the joy of working on the adorable Amazon Prime show, Pete the Cat.

Eva Konstantopolous, Writer

Eva Konstantopoulos shares how she won’t stay in one lane, how writing genre is similar to writing for animation, as well as her optimistic and healthy views on rejection.

Hannah Spangler Creator of “The Land Below”

You may remember Hannah who came on the podcast about a year ago and spoke about the project a bit, but today we get in depth about what it takes to make a collaboration work- especially when you don’t live in the same state, how to use your life experience to fuel your characters and stories, and the eternal struggle that is work/life balance.

Jessica Kleinman, Background Painter & Illustrator

Jessica Kleinman talks about hoping for freelance to lead to in-house gigs, moving to LA with her significant other who’s also in animation, as well as how she’s been able to adapt to each new experience along the way in this ever unpredictable landscape of animation.

Melany Altuna, Character Designer

Melany Altuna shares with us her journey to becoming an artist and to moving to LA to make her dreams come true. But even though she’s left, she shares with us why it’s always on her mind and what she can do in it’s time of turmoil and political upheaval while still creating loveable pre-school characters at work.

Emily Brundige, Writer & Creator

Emily is a writer and creator, having created the hit Shut Up! Cartoons series “Pubertina” for YouTube, as well as most recently developed “Harvey Girls Forever!” for Dreamworks TV and Netflix. But her accolades don’t stop there…

Audrey Gonzalez, Background Painter & Visual Development Artist

Audrey Gonzalez shares the research process that goes into working on an animated series inspired by latin cultures, how she came up with personal rates for freelance opportunities, and how she’s used social media to connect to a community when she wasn’t near one.

Kate Moran, Freelance Writer and Production Secretary

Among many topics, Kate Moran discusses how she doesn’t wait for an invitation or permission to create, why it’s so important to be a midnight donatello (also the name of her podcast about creativity!), and how kindness is a strength.

Mary Bellamy, Author and Illustrator

Mary Bellamy discusses how she boiled her creative process down to a science, how she was tired of the typical girl tropes in stories so she created her own graphic novels to show what she wishes she could have read when she was growing up, and how she speaks into her own pain by creating honest and authentic work in hopes of connecting with others so they know to keep hope alive.

Lila Martinez, Storyboard Artist

Lila Martinez discusses her experience working in both the Mexican and American industries across Feature and TV Animation, her personal storyboarding process and creative strategies, as well as how she navigates the visa process.

Lisa Dosson, Co-Founder of Model Drawing Collective & Commercial Storyboard Artist

Lisa Dosson is a commercial storyboard artist who has worked on promotions for Disney’s Moana, Rapunzel, Pixar’s Coco, and Finding Dory among many live action commercials selling things like the Facebook watch. She’s boarded and animated on music videos like “Walk Over Me” for the All-American Rejects. She is also the co-founder and manager of the Model Drawing Collective.

Ellen Woodbury, Veteran Animator & Stone Sculptor

Ellen Woodbury discusses how animating is pure creative problem solving, how Ellen made the jump from hand drawn animation into the CG era, and why it doesn’t matter who the first female supervising animator was. Hint, the point is they broke through together.

Rebecca Nelson, Animator & Production Assistant

Rebecca Nelson discusses animation production (ok, we basically nerd out over it). We also talk about why it’s important to see ourselves in the art we make and to give back wherever you are… something this podcast is built on.

Allyson Bosch, Casting & Voice Director

Allyson Bosch discusses how casting a project is like a puzzle, how to network authentically, we even touch on why its OK to have your guard up as a woman in the industry.

Sabrina Alberghetti, Storyboard Artist

Sabrina Alberghetti discusses storyboarding, what a storyboard artist can do that a show runner can’t, knowing when to take a break, and how it is about who you know, but more so, it’s about what you have to show them once you know that someone.

Angela Entzminger, Creator of “The Animated Journey” Podcast

Angela Entzminger breaks down what she learned from working a variety of jobs in a variety of industries and how she narrowed in on how to make her dream of working in animation into a reality.

Alina Chau, Illustrator and Fine Artist

Alina Chau discusses her creative progress, how she emigrated from Hong Kong in her pursuit of Animation knowledge, the mental and emotional toll to be ready for when it comes to working freelance, and more.

Carole Holliday, Storyboard Artist and Animator

Carole Holliday discusses her career, what she’s learned, how Glen Keane taught her to be more confident, and why animation is such a powerful storytelling medium.

Amalia Levari, Animation and Comic Writer

Amalia Levari discusses her path from the rainy weather in Michigan to studying experimental animation at CalArts in California, the progress of female voices in entertainment, and her thoughts on creating things you want to be remembered for.

Jasmine Katatikarn, Co-Founder of the Academy of Animated Art

Jasmine’s now a CG Lead at Framestore and she still loves helping new artists break into animation and VFX. In today’s episode, she’ll share some stories and valuable takeaways she’s learned through all this, discuss the state of the industry within the health crisis and WFH orders, and more.