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Anand Duncan, Illustrator & Designer

Illustrator and Designer, Anand Duncan has an in-depth conversation about creativity, family, the freelance life, her passion for VR (or Virtual Reality), and the space where art meets science and tech.

Ariel Paxton, 2D Animator and Storyboard Artist

Ariel Paxton, 2D animator and storyboard artist discusses how she works on her graduate thesis while working a job while animating on this documentary, how she researched Sammus before diving into the project, and how she applies her passion to work.

Ashlyn Anstee, Creator

Ashlyn is an amalgamation of all that she loves. She’s a writer, author, illustrator, and storyboard artist- not only writing and storyboarding for animation, but she writes and illustrates her own adorable kid’s books.

Brooklyn Lee, Animator and Character Designer

Brooklyn Lee, animator and character designer discusses how she made a sketchbook her safe haven to be herself and explore her feelings, how she left retail to find a day job that allowed her mind space to create, and how she creates with her little sister in mind!

Christa Carr, 2D Animator & Character Designer

Christa Carr, 2D animator and character designer shares how she went from Buffalo, NY, to Los Angeles and the stops in between, how she thoughtfully chose what film festivals to submit her thesis film, with the audience in mind, and why it’s important that she be the role model she wished she had growing up and watching animation.

Christina Kishpaugh, Script Coordinator & Writer

Script coordinator and writer, Christina Kishpaugh shares with us how she manages others’ expectations while living up to her own, how she began her Hollywood journey at an agency and landed on the Disney Jr show, “Mira,” and how she uses her personal podcast projects as research and development for her writing career.

Hannah Spangler & Gregg Lawson, Creators of “The Land Below”

“The Land Below” is an upcoming short film that merges animation with live action following a young girl named Anya who has to venture down into the the Land Below to save her home of Edenskies for losing its light and life.

Jennifer Nelson, Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor at Disney TV Animation, Jennifer Nelson joins us on the show to discuss her thriving career in Animation and shares her thoughts on the Art vs Business side of the industry.

Jessica Honore, 2D Animator

2D animator, Jessica Honore shares how she went from a small city in Texas to studying animation and interning at Titmouse in the Big Apple, New York City, how she takes a storyboard and goes into animation, and about her transition from paper to digital.

Kristen Pileri, Storyboard Revisionist

Storyboard revisionist, Kristen Pileri shares how she went from production assistant to storyboard revisionist and how she pushed herself forward even when she felt all her hard work wouldn’t pay off.

Kristin Donner, Color Supervisor

Color Extraordinaire, Kristin Donner joins us to share her experience and journey from struggling to find her major in college to landing her first industry job as a Color Stylist and eventually Background Painter on the long running Fairly Odd Parents for Nickelodeon to becoming the Color Supervisor for Nick Jr’s Fresh Beat Band of Spies.

Laura Hohman, CG Texture Supervisor

Laura Hohman, CG texture artist and supervisor. Originally shooting for the stars and dreaming of being an astronaut at NASA, Laura pivoted to working in 3D still fueled by her affinity for physics. She got her first job on Nickelodeon’s 2012 “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and she has been texturing ever since.

Leah Coleman, Animator

Animator, Leah Coleman discusses the animation process for the documentary, how she balances grad school with working on it, and how she tries to not compare her timeline with anyone else’s. Afterall, she runs on Leah-time.

Leslie Strock, Visual Development and Multi-media Artist

Leslie Strock, illustrator, visual development artist, paper artist, puppet-maker, all around creative person, joins us in the studio to discuss the leap of faith she took moving from Florida to California, her time designing for studios like the Jim Henson Company, and being a multi-passionate creative and the struggles that come along with that.

Lizzie Waterworth, Voice Actor

Lizzie Waterworth! She’s a BAFTA nominated voice artist, for her title role in the British animated series, “Horrid Henry.” With various animation credits including Team Jay, Alphablocks, and Bob the Builder to name a few, she shares with us how she found her way into this industry, what keeps her creative, and the exciting new project that drops on Digital and DVD today, on April 7th called STRIKE.

Mindy Johnson, Author of “Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation”

Mindy Johnson, writer, historian, and the author of the upcoming book, “Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation”, is about to share the voices of hundreds of forgotten female artists who worked at the Walt Disney Studios from the earliest days when Lillian first met Walt to the hire of Bianca Majolie to help in moving away from gag-driven shorts to longer stories with heart to the introduction of CAPS and digital animation with The Rescuers Down Under.

Monica Davila, Storyboard Artist

Monica Davila shares with us her path from studying political science in college to being a production assistant to soon thereafter storyboarding for TV animation on shows like Shimmer and Shine, Big Hero 6 The Series, and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Monica Orange, Background Artist and Studio Animation Hopeful

Monica Orange loves animation, studied it in college, currently works at Disneyland in creative costuming, but she is dead set on getting a position in TV animation as a background artist.

Nooree Kim, Designer and Storyboard Revisionist

Nooree Kim has been a character designer, prop designer, storyboard revisionist, animator, and ultra-talented gif creator, and has worked on shows like We Bare Bears, Adventure Time and PAW Patrol. Originally from Canada, and graduated from Sheridan College, she made her way to the American hub of Animation, Los Angeles.

Pragya Tomar, CG Lighting & Texture Artist

Pragya Tomar has been working in CG animation at places like Disney Feature and Nickelodeon for over a decade. As a working parent, she’s open about the successes, struggles, and what she likes to call, “happy compromises.”

Shammah McVay, Storyboard Artist, Animator, and Associate Producer

Shammah McCoy, storyboard artist, animator, and associate producer discusses the animation process for the documentary, her longing to see herself represented in the media when she was growing up and how it fuels what she creates today.

Tiara Little, Production Manager & Founder of “No Hiatus”

Production manager, Tiara Little has worked for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and is now at Netflix. With a bright eyed bushy tailed beginning as an intern at Nick, she went on up the production path from production assistant to coordinator to where she is now as a production manager.

Yvonne Hsuan Ho, Storyboard Artist

Yvonne Hsuan Ho, a storyboard and comic artist, currently storyboarding on Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears.” She also makes super cute-funny comics about her life.

Zabrina McIntyre, Production Coordinator and Animation Advocate

Zabrina McIntyre is a Production Coordinator on the Tangled animated series over at Disney TV Animation and the curator of Animation Advocate. She got her start as a Production Secretary on Wonder Over Yonder with a promotion to Production Associate soon after.

Bronwen Barry, Union Board Member

Union Board Member, Bronwen Barry stops by to talk about her 30+ year career in Animation.

Cheyenne Curtis, Storyboard Artist and Character Designer

Cheyenne Curtis is a storyboard artist at Disney TV Animation on a new up-coming series.

Chloe Bristol, Visual Development Artist & Children’s Book Illustrator

Chloe Bristol is a Visual Development Artist who has worked in TV and Feature animation, as well as the kids book series “Winter House”.

Audio Diary with Erin Lindeke

Freelance Storyboard Aritst, Erin Lindeke, is looking to make a transition into the Studio Production side of Animation.

Esther Pearl, Founder of Camp Reel Stories

Esther Pearl is the founder and executive director of Camp Reel Stories: a media camp for teenage girls who want to learn how to make movies in the new digital age located in Oakland, CA.

Eva Sowinski, Founder of the Ground Zero Animation Expo

Eva Sowinski is the founder of the Ground Zero Animation Expo that takes place in February near downtown Anaheim, CA.

Joanna Griebel, Animatic Editor

Animatic Editor, Joanna Griebel, joins us on the Ink and Paint Girls podcast! Joanna previously worked on Miles from Tomorrowland, Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, TripTank, and more.

Joyce Lee, Visual Development Artist

Visual development artist, Joyce Lee got her start as an intern for Disney Feature Animation and Laika House, she’s gone on to design for shows like Miles from Tomorrowland, Puppy Dog Pals, and Star vs The Forces of Evil.

Julia Vickerman, Creator of “Twelve Forever”

Julia Vickerman is a director, storyboard artist, and the creator of the Cartoon Network pilot, Twelve Forever.

Katie Rice, Storyboard and Comic Artist

Katie Rice is a storyboard and comic artist who’s career spans nearly 17 years in the Animation industry with the side hustle of two popular web-comics, Sk8di and Camp Weedonwantcha.

Lindsay Smith-Carrozza, Character Designer and Voice Actress

When Lindsay Smith-Carrozza, Character Designer and Voice Actress on Cartoon Network’s “Mighty Magiswords”, felt uncertain about what she wanted to do in the future, she explored cartooning, hat and mask making, needle felting and more…

Nancy Frazen, Editor

Animation Editor, Nancy Frazen has been editing since the 1980s starting on Documentaries and eventually finding her way onto Animated properties.  She has worked on The Breakfast Club,  Space Jam, Pooh’s Heffalump Movie, to name a few.

Rae McCarson, Background Painter

Rae McCarson has been working in the Industry for over 20 years on some of our favorite animated television from Background Designer, Painter, and Art Director.

Catherine and Sarah Satrun, Animators and Designers

Catherine and Sarah Satrun (also known as the dynamic duo: the Satrun Sisters!) are twin animators and illustrators based out of Chicago, IL.

Sherry Delorme, Character Designer, Illustrator, and Fine Artist

Sherry Delorme is a character designer, illustrator, and fine artist who has worked in animation, gaming, toys, has had work showcased in countless gallery events, and even mentors through the Women in Animation mentorship program.

Sue Nichols, Story and Visual Development Artist

Today’s interview had to be super special.  Sue Nichols, story and visual development artist, best known for her work at Disney Feature Animation, stops by the show.

Teri Hendrich Cusumano, Art Director

Today’s guest is Teri Cusumano, art director and background painter extraordinaire! Not only do we talk parenthood with her, but also about her journey into animation.

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