Mentor Circles Overview

Mentor Circles offer a unique group learning experience across multiple studios. Each circle will be craft based and focus on a key role within the craft and what it takes to get there.  The mentor will be someone who has been successful in that craft and is a great teacher, communicator and group discussion leader.   Through the course of the circle meetings the mentor and mentees will talk about their own experiences, challenges and learnings. Because the goal is to learn from one another, circles are for those who are established in their careers and able to contribute to the learning.

New this year
We are expanding this program to reach more of you! New this year: More crafts, multiple locations and virtual circles – Stay tuned for more information about a circle coming to a city near you!



Mentee Applications Open – TBD


Step 1: Locations, crafts and virtual circles are finalized and announced

Step 2: Mentees apply to a circle

Step 3: Mentors select their circles

Step 4: Circles are notified and begin meeting (6 meetings)


Desired Outcome: By the end of the circle meetings, each member should have a clear picture of the role, an assessment of their strengths and development areas  and what steps they can take to grow their career.

Gain deeper understanding of the craft

Share expertise and learn from your peers

Build strong relationships among mentees to continue after the program is over

Create a confidential group for sharing challenges

Build strong connections across the industry

Create leadership opportunities within the circle

Grow each other’s network through your connections

Comments from Mentees:

“I left the circle feeling like I had learned a lot and that I had cultivated new skills and outlooks on the industry. That, and I left with a stronger network of likeminded women.”

“Everyone was extremely helpful. It was nice to be in a group full of people of different skill sets and backgrounds. I routinely had things brought to my attention that I would have never thought about with my limited experience.”

“All of the members including the leader offered great support, both during the meeting and even outside of them. They were always available to help, and I look forward to keeping in contact. “

“I feel super encouraged to branch out and DO. Anything is possible!”

“I am usually a shy person that has trouble speaking up, but this group fostered a very safe and collaborative atmosphere.”


Comments from Mentors:

“I saw a lot of them come out of their shell and grow confidence throughout the group.”

“I was really impressed with all of them. I loved the fact that our group was so diverse, and everyone not only got along but really bonded.  It was truly a wonderful experience.”

“It is a very successful way to mentor.”