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The WIA Mentorship program connects women, nonbinary and transgender people at all levels to great mentors who can help them achieve their career goals/the next steps in their careers.

The WIA Mentorship Program supports our organization’s ultimate goal of 50/50 by 2025.  We’re very proud of the success achieved with this program in the years that it’s been active.  Both Mentees and Mentors have experienced great benefit to their careers in animation, and the program continues to grow each year.

Women in Animation advocates for a world where all women, nonbinary and transgender people share equally in the creation, production and rewards of animation, and we provide resources and connections to make it happen. 

WIA is committed to making the animation industry an inclusive and supportive environment that welcomes, champions, and celebrates the unique contributions that come from individuals who bring a diversity of backgrounds, perspective, and experiences to the field. We are especially committed to working with and championing women who have been often overlooked and sidelined, especially BIPOC women, Trans women and Gender non-binary individuals (alt: people). 

The commitment that we hope to see in all studios, production companies, and offices starts with us. Our goal is that through our offerings and events, we will acknowledge and honor the ways in which each of us show up in the world differently and how those differences contribute to a stronger industry that brings joy, entertainment, and inspiration to our workforce and our audiences. 

Application Process As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Our streamlined mentorship application is quick and easy.  Simply login or register for an account, complete/update your profile, and click on the available Mentor Circle of your choice once they are open.







We’ve turned the spotlight on a diverse group of Mentors and Mentees through our mentorship case studies, delving into the goals and outcomes for each pair.  Click the button below to learn more




  • Deepen understanding of the animation industry
  • Cultivate an extended network with industry professional and peers
  • Receive constructive feedback to help polish portfolios and reels
  • Learn about jobs, opportunities and the overall animation pipeline
  • Share experiences, best practices and knowledge
  • Build confidence and learn to advocate for yourself
  • Gain clarity on the skills necessary to be successful in specific roles
  • Define clear steps to developing one’s career
  • Practice pitching ideas, stories and yourself
  • Discuss challenges of working the industry as a young woman


  • Foster a supportive community and professional network
  • Create industry access and opportunities
  • Expose students to industry-specific tools and knowledge
  • Discuss relevant experiences, challenges, and context
  • Share practical advice on career development
  • Educate students about different roles and the skill sets required to be successful in those roles
  • Help students build confidence and develop their strengths
  • Coach students on job prep and help them improve their portfolios
  • Help bring more women into the field!