What Is The WIA Talent Database?

WIA has championed inclusion & diversity in the animation industry for over 25 years.  With each event, report, and mentorship round we step closer to our goal of reaching 50/50 representation by 2025. We continue to strengthen the visibility of capable women and gender non-conforming individuals in leadership roles. We have, however,  lacked the ability to refer candidates for available positions on an industry-wide and international scale.

We created the WIA Talent Database to increase the visibility of the vast, multi-faceted, and international pool of underrepresented talent. Women, transgender, and non-binary candidates in the animation industry can add themselves to the database to be verified and that information will be available and presented to studios across the industry.

Employers will be able to filter our database based on a number of animation-specific hiring factors including: a gallery view which can be used to compare art styles side by side, feature vs series experience, CG pipeline experience, and even contact info and availability from candidates that choose to disclose that information.

We hope that the WIA database will be an ever-growing resource, updated regularly, that studios can utilize to balance the diversity of their hiring.



Women, transgender and non-binary animation professionals are welcome to fill out the form to add your profile to the WIA Talent Database.  Click the button below to submit your information

If you already are in the database but need to update your information, click the button below to submit an update to your profile.

Questions or issues? Please send us a detailed email with your question to [email protected]


Accessing The WIA Talent Database

If you would like to request and account access to the WIA Talent Database, please contact us by clicking the button below to submit an access request.

A WIA staff member will respond to your request within 24-48 hours after it is submitted.  Please email us with any questions at [email protected].