Mentor Circles are a collaborative learning relationship between one Mentor and up to 8 Mentees (grouped by experience level).  The goal is to give mentees a deeper and broader understanding of the animation industry AND build a strong community of peers across multiple studios.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the business or a craft
  • Learn about roles and career options within animation
  • Build strong relationships among mentees to continue after the program is over
  • Create a confidential group for sharing challenges
  • Build strong connections between mentees and leaders in the industry
  • Grow each other’s network through your connections

Circles will meet 6 times over the 8 months (October- May). Every circle will be unique allowing the mentors flexibility in designing the topics each month.  You will learn from your mentor and other guest speakers, share your own expertise and learn from your peers in the circle.  The hope is that you will build strong relationships with your peers in the circle that will continue long after the program is over.

The exact locations are TBD depending on getting mentors lined up.  Final locations will be posted on the website when applications go live on August 26.

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Vancouver
  • Montreal

Any WIA member who is located in one of the cities where circles are being offered and who is not participating in another WIA mentor program currently.

Applications will be open August 26 – Sep 6.

It’s possible. Once we have reached the maximum number of applications for an experience level and location (based on the number of mentors), no more applications will be accepted.

The number of mentees is determined by the number of mentors we have, up to 8 mentees per circle.  We do not have a final count for mentors yet.

The mentors will select their mentees based on the applications.

We want to set reasonable expectations with the mentees about being selected and not put too much burden on our mentors who are reading the applications and selecting mentees.

Yes, anyone can apply, although with students we are asking that you are in your final year of school.