The Mentor Circle program is a group mentoring experience where one mentor meets with a group of mentees. This allows mentees to learn not only from a great mentor, but to also network with and learn from a group of like-minded peers. Each circle will have a different focus and mentees can apply to the circle that best suits their needs and goals.

The Circles provide an opportunity for mentees to learn more about the industry, craft, and employment opportunities within animation, develop a personal connection with working animation professionals, create confidential groups for sharing challenges, and build the kinds of bonds and relationships that will help support careers for years to come.

WIA currently runs 2 rounds of mentorship each year, a spring round (circles from April to July, with applications open in February) and a fall round (circles from October to January with a break for the holidays, with applications open in August).

Applications are open to:

  • Any currently ACTIVE member of Women in Animation who identifies as female, transgender or nonbinary.
  • Members that are new to WIA Mentorship or that have not participated in the program for 2 years.
  • Any active member of one of our partner organizations (Rise Up Animation, Black N’Animated, LatinX in Animation, Asian Queens in Animation and Asians in Animation.
  • Anyone not a member of one of the above organizations, who has a referral from an animation industry professional.
  • BIPOC applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

Each mentee can apply to one circle. Please note that we expect a high number of applicants and 30-50 applications will be accepted. Once the limit has been reached for a circle, that circle will be closed. We recommend that you review circles in advance and plan to apply as early as possible.

  • Make sure you have an ACTIVE WIA MEMBERSHIP account (if you are a member of a partner org you are entitled to a free membership for the purpose of applying to mentorship, please check your organization’s social media for a coupon code to create your WIA membership account).
  • Create a PROGRAM account or update your profile on the WIA Mentorship Platform to include the most current information, examples of work, personal statements and goals. Your mentee profile serves as the application).
  • Mentees may apply to ONE circle each round, and are encouraged to make the selection that most aligns with their professional goals based on the title, description, outline, meeting time, and the WIA Mentor leading the Circle.
  • Mentors review applicants and make their selections according to the stated goals and criteria of their Circle.
  • WIA Mentorship will notify all applicants, whether they are selected or not.



  • Create a WIA Mentorship PROGRAM account.
  • Complete your mentorship account profile
  • Choose the circle that’s right for you and submit your application with one-click.

You can learn more here.

If you’ve signed up for an account, and completed a profile to 100%, but still don’t have any choices available, it could be one of two reasons:

  1. Your WIA Membership status has not been verified by the system.  You must be an active member to apply, all existing members need to wait up to 15 minutes to have the system verify their status.  Any new or newly updated members may have to wait up to 24 hours in order for the system to recognize them.
  2. The programs you wish to apply to are all full.  Each Mentor Circle Program accepts a limited number of applications.  Once that limit has been reached, the choice is no longer available on our Circles Application Page.

If you believe you’re having other issues than the two described above, please email WIA at [email protected]

To be eligible to apply your profile must be 100% complete. It is important to make sure that you’ve completed ALL fields in your mentorship profile so that you can submit your application.

Mentorship is available to active WIA members, so first make sure that your membership account  is active and current.  You can check your stats at

If you have trouble with this please make certain that the email address you’ve used for your mentorship profile matches the email used for your membership account.  If it doesn’t you’ll need to update it at and wait for the system to sync.  This can take up to 24 hours.

Make sure the email address you entered when creating your account is active, and spelled correctly.  If it is, please check your spam and/or junk folder for any emails from our website.  If you still don’t see anything, please contact us at [email protected].