Animation Prod Staff: Develop Your Career Strategy

Animation Prod Staff: Develop Your Career Strategy


WIA Members at the Creator level may apply to WIA Mentorship programs. Thank you for your support!

Animation Prod Staff: Develop Your Career Strategy



  • PAs or Coordinators
  • Prod Staff near the end of a contract


  • Support for change mastery
  • Interview readiness prep
  • Guest speakers
  • Goal-setting advice and support


  • Animation pipeline tutorial


In this circle we’ll dive deep into the dynamic landscape of career evolution, strategic pivoting, and the art of being constantly prepared for new opportunities. We’ll discuss how to proactively manage your career instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping the right opportunity comes your way. Whether you’re considering a pivot or simply want to enhance your career strategy, this circle provides a supportive space for growth and development.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • How to get and stay ready for change and new opportunities
  • Methods for staying interview-ready
  • Tips for balancing the stability of a current job with the ambition for future growth
  • Insights on setting and achieving career goals without compromising your current position

And we’ll be joined by special guest stars in Production Management!

Qualification Criteria

Entry Level (1-2 yrs of experience)
Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Once 
Day / Time:  6:30 PM 
Timezone: PST

ADDITIONAL Application requirementS

Please submit: 

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement

Circle Leader

Liane Dietz

Liane Dietz is an experienced professional with a career spanning over 25 years in the field of Animation. Her journey began at Walt Disney Animation Studios, where she initially worked in casting. She later transitioned to an Assistant Production Manager role in the Clean Up department for the animated film Hercules and subsequently on the films Dinosaur and Home on the Range.

Liane left Disney for a stint at DreamWorks Animation on the CG animated series Father of the Pride. Afterward, she returned to Disney as an Associate Producer in the Creative Legacy department. In this role, she supported various projects for Walt Disney Imagineering, contributing to Theme Park media, including water, castle, and building projection shows, the Frozen ride in numerous parks, the Peter Pan ride in Tokyo, the Zootopia attraction in Shanghai, and providing animation for marketing, television, educational videos, and stage shows.

In her most recent position at Netflix Animation, Liane played a crucial role in building the Creative and Production Solutions team. This team was essential for supporting over 30 animated features and series, highlighting her leadership and organizational skills.

Liane has, and continues to participate in many mentorship programs, including Rise Up Animation, Disney, and Netflix’s programs, and is now making her debut as a WIA mentor.

Beyond her professional achievements, Liane is a mother of two daughters and has a family that includes a husband, a dog named Elwood P, and a Lizard named Stumpy. Her personal interests include singing, baking, and watching HGTV. Liane Dietz’s multifaceted career and contributions to the animation industry underscore her passion and dedication to the world of animated storytelling.


Current Title: (most recent) Director, Production Management – Creative and Production Solutions

Studio / Employer:  (most recent) Netflix Animation


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