Creating and Pitching Powerful, Engaging Animated TV Shows

Creating and Pitching Powerful, Engaging Animated TV Shows


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Creating and Pitching Powerful, Engaging Animated TV Shows



  • Artists, writers, storytellers, and creators who are interested in creating and pitching animated TV shows, or who want to learn more about the process
  • Although mentees don’t need to have created a show already, this circle is best suited for people who intend to create and pitch a show (or shows) one day


  • Discussion on:
    • World building, characters, story driver, and other topics on the creative side
    • How and where to set up pitch meetings
    • Different ways to pitch


  • Direct feedback on your pitches or ideas, or introductions to development executives


Let’s talk about creating powerful and engaging animated shows for TV — filled with stories, characters, and worlds of deep personal meaning to you that will connect with other people.

If you’re someone who is already creating animated TV shows or someone interested in creating them in the future, let’s discuss the creative and practical aspects of the whole process – creating characters, world-building, relationships, story drivers, themes, animation styles, and pipelines.

We’ll also talk about the pitch itself: decks and documents, setting up meetings, your presentation, flexibility, and how to use intel to give yourself an edge.

And maybe most importantly, we’ll talk about the mental side of things — what motivates you to create and how to find joy in the process regardless of results.

Qualification Criteria

Entry Level (1-2 yrs of experience)
Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Twice 
Day / Time:  Mondays at 4:30 PM
Timezone: PST

ADDITIONAL Application requirementS

The best candidates are interested in being storytellers and show creators or are already creating and would like to talk about the process…. please make this apparent in your application (you can submit a personal statement, but it’s not required). 

Circle Leader

David Palmer

A multiple Emmy-nominated producer and director, Dave began his career over 25 years ago, animating, directing, and eventually producing on the breakthrough preschool series Blue’s Clues. Here, Dave developed the animation process for Blue’s Clues, and co-designed the show’s star, Blue.

Over his 25+ years in Animation, Dave has earned a dozen Emmy nominations in various categories, has mentored and taught animation, and has had the pleasure of working on some amazing preschool TV shows with incredibly talented people. Some credits include The Backyardigans, Wallykazam!, for Nick Jr. and Jack McBrayer’s Hello, Jack: The Kindness Show, for AppleTV+.

Dave is currently the Creative Producer for Barney’s World, a CG re-imagining of everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur, for Mattel.


Current Title: Creative Producer, Barney’s World

Studio / Employer:  Mattel


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