Directing as a Career in the Independent Animation World

Directing as a Career in the Independent Animation World


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Directing as a Career in the Independent Animation World



  • Directors aiming to understand the way directors and projects are chosen in the independent film world
  • Those with a feature film project
  • Preferably with script


  • Boost your chances of having your project understood and considered by the industry


  • This will not be a narrative program, although it works with the narrative of the project


As a producer of animated feature films, I have worked with many new directors, and in this circle, we will work on what makes a good director and how to showcase your potential.

Topics of the circle include how to work on your promo reel, your bio/filmography, and how to reach producers in the independent animation world. We will also speak about how to prepare yourself for the challenging role of a director and a healthy long-term career and how to keep the authentic balance between your work as a director and yourself. We will go into detail about topics often not visible to young directors: how a production is chosen, developed, financed, and produced in the real world.

This circle is for young directors with some work experience in directing and who are already well on their way to becoming an animated feature director or considering directing feature films after their initial directing experience.

Qualification Criteria

Entry Level (1-2 yrs of experience)
Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Weekly 
Day / Time:  5 PM
Timezone: CEST (Madrid)

ADDITIONAL Application requirementS

Please submit a 7 min reel with previs

Circle Leader

Manuel Cristobal

Manuel Cristóbal is a talent-led producer of eleven films, eight in animation. Five times Goya Award winner, twice winner of the Annecy Jury Award, and once the EFA and Platino Award.

Among his 2D films are The Glassworker (Usman Riaz, 2024), Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (Salvador Simó, 2019), and Wrinkles (Ignacio Ferreras, 2012).

Former audiovisual consultant at the Madrid regional government, AMPAS and Spanish Film Academy member, and CARTOON board member. His favorite part of producing is discovering and nurturing talent.


Current Title:  Producer

Studio / Employer:  Maboka Producciones


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