Early Career Guidance for Animators

Early Career Guidance for Animators


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Early Career Guidance for Animators



  • Early career (those that just landed their first job to those with 2 years experience)
  • 3D animator


  • Job hunting & networking
  • Industry: Game, VFX, animation
  • Mindset at work
  • Workflow streamline
  • Grow as an animator


  • Software demonstration
  • Fundamental animation skills


When we just landed into this fun but sometimes chaotic industry, it’s normal to feel clueless, in need of guidance, or just simply need a mentor to ask questions. Maybe you are a 3D animator who’s a junior but wants to move to the next stage? Or maybe you’ve gotten that first job or internship and are wondering what to do next. Maybe now that you’re seeing how the business works from the inside, you have a whole bunch of new questions that you’re not sure how to answer.

This circle is specifically designed for those who have recently started their careers or have been working for 1-2 years. We will talk about some common challenges and questions faced by early-career animators.

  • How do I know which industry fits me?
  • I got assigned to so many shots; what should I do?
  • Am I the only one doubting my own animation skills?
  • I only want to learn the five most useful plug-ins!
  • What is networking and do I need to do it?
  • How do I keep learning and growing professionally?

We’ll be discussing industry differences and everything from adjusting your mindset as an artist, improving workflow, how to keep growing as an animator to job hunting, we’ll dive into those and explore those “I wish I knew it when I was a junior” lessons and wisdom.

We’ll enjoy guest speakers, and you’ll also have a chance to discuss with circle peers who share similar experiences and concerns. By going through different topics every week, I hope to help you feel more equipped and confident in moving toward the next stage of your career.

Qualification Criteria

Aspiring Professional (0 yrs of experience)
Entry Level (1-2 yrs of experience), 

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Twice 
Day / Time:  Saturday late afternoon
Timezone: GMT

ADDITIONAL Application requirementS

Please submit the following: 

  • Resume
  • Animation reel
  • A short personal statement explaining why this circle is right for you, including but not limit to:
    • Where are you right now in your career?
    • What is your main struggle?
    • What do you want to gain from this circle?
    • If this circle is an absolute success, how would you imagine yourself be different?

Circle Leader

Ting Liu

Ting has had the privilege of working in the animation, gaming, and VFX industry as a 2D Animator. She began her career as a character animator in Taiwan after completing her animation education in both Taiwan and England in 2016. Following her time at a local animation studio, she transitioned to the role of gameplay animator at the Japanese video game company Aiming Inc. In 2019, Ting embarked on a new chapter at MPC, Montreal, as an animator in VFX, eventually leading her to Barnstorm VFX in Vancouver, where she continued working on films and TV series.

Throughout her career, she has gained experience working on diverse projects across games, music videos, TV series, VR, animation, and films. Recent VFX credits include Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Pinocchio, Cruella, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Beyond her animator’s role, Ting also participates in various events, offering guidance to aspiring animators. Sharing the experiences and techniques accumulated throughout her journey is a gratifying way for Ting to give back to the animation community. Apart from her love for animation, she also enjoys music and arts. When Ting is not in front of the computer, she spends her time in museums or theaters. She is currently located in London, UK.


Current Title:  3D Animator

Studio / Employer:  Self-employed

Link:  www.linkedin.com/in/animtingliu

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