Make Your Own Kind of Music: Recruiter Ally Circles with Professionals to Develop New Career Paths

Make Your Own Kind of Music: Recruiter Ally Circles with Professionals to Develop New Career Paths


WIA Members at the Creator level may apply to WIA Mentorship programs. Thank you for your support!

Make Your Own Kind of Music: Recruiter Ally Circles with Professionals to Develop New Career Paths



  • Professionals ready for a change and interested in a thought partner to help define action and resources needed to make that pivot


  • Identify and define your next goals
  • Practical steps to create a roadmap
  • Checkpoints to refine materials and approach
  • Find resources and build networks and connections to help facilitate action
  • Support you while you take action and re-calculate as needed


  • Guarantee employment or promotion
  • Teach your craft
  • Improve your dancing skills (but I can teach you a tap time step or meet up for Zumba)


This circle is for you if you are an experienced professional looking to take the next step in your career, but you’re not sure how. You have some experience in the animation industry, and you’re comfortable with your skillset, but you’re ready for a change. That change might be a new job, studio, location for work, exploration of a new slice of the industry, stepping into leadership, or something in between. If you feel like you’re not sure how to make this change, you’re looking for how to break through the roadblocks you are facing, you want to motivate a career change or a direction shift, and you need a thought partner to help refine a strategy: let’s put our heads together and chart a course of action!

During this mentorship, I will partner with you to help you build your job seeking skills, make connections, and brainstorm strategies to help you move your path forward. I’ve had the good fortune to work at multiple studios in production, talent management, and recruitment for a wild mix of genres and mediums. I’d like to leverage all those wide, wacky experiences to share ideas with some WIA members who need a boost.

Qualification Criteria

Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)
Mid Level (6-10 yrs of experience)
Upper Level (10+ yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Weekly 
Day / Time:  Thursday evenings
Timezone: PST

ADDITIONAL Application requirementS

Please submit the following: 

  • Resume
  • If applicable: Reel or Portfolio with PW
  • Note explaining what new direction or challenge you want to work on

Circle Leader

Doeri Welch

Doeri grew up in Gilroy, CA the home of the Garlic Festival and all things garlic. She started her career as a director and stage manager in Live Theater. She followed her interest in entertaining kids and their families into the animation business, where she worked in nearly every production department, eventually becoming an Associate Producer, Production Manager, Artist Manager, and Sr. Recruiter at Walt Disney Animation Studios. She was the Director of Feature Film Animation Recruitment at DreamWorks for almost 3 years and a Recruiting Consultant at Activision, Blizzard, King Games, and Nickelodeon Features & TV Recruitment.

She is passionate about encouraging and developing talent, diversity, inclusion & belonging and has volunteered as a mentor for Rise Up Animation and the Light Box Advisory Board.

She is currently the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition for Madison Square Garden’s Sphere Studios in Burbank. She hires artists, technologists, and production management to create content for the new Sphere venue in Las Vegas. Doeri loves tap dance, travel, and Zumba. MFA in directing from the Hillberry Classical Repertory Theater at Wayne State in Detroit & Bachelor in Theater from San Jose State University.


Current Title: Senior Manager Talent Acquisition

Studio / Employer:  Madison Square Garden Sphere Studios


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