Pitching an Indie Animated Feature Film

Pitching an Indie Animated Feature Film


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Pitching an Indie Animated Feature Film


Applications Open:


  • Early-career filmmakers preparing to pitch their first feature film
  • Mid-career filmmakers looking to refine their projects and make significant strides in advancing their careers within the industry


  • Personalized Guidance
  • Tailored advice on developing and refining your pitch
  • Interactive Learning
  • Engaging discussions, practical exercises, and real-time feedback


  • Guidance on directing and producing your short film

Qualification Criteria

Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)
Mid Level (6-10 yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Twice 
Day / Time:  Tuesday at 7:00 am
Timezone: PDT

* You must meet the qualification criteria AND be able to attend the posted day/time of the circle (please note the timezone posted)


Ready to master the art of pitching your animated feature film with a $3-5 million budget? Perfect for early-career and mid-career filmmakers, the circle offers personalized guidance, interactive learning, and invaluable networking opportunities. Gain expert insights into crafting compelling pitches, securing funding, and navigating the production process. Elevate your skills and bring your animated feature to life, captivating potential investors along the way. Join the mentorship with Saraswathi and turn your vision into reality!

Topics Covered :

  • Developing a Compelling Pitch
  • Securing Funding
  • Navigating the Production Process
  • Promotion
  • Distribution and Sales

ADDITIONAL Application Requirements

Please submit the following as part of your Application Profile:
*(AFTER you click to apply, you must go into your member profile and complete the member-specific portion; these requirements should be submitted through that profile):  

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Portfolio Link
  • Personal Statement explaining why this circle is right for you

Circle Leader

Saraswathi (Vani) Balgam

Vani Balgam, CEO of DancingAtoms LLC, is a visionary creative director and writer known for directing multiple award-winning films worldwide. Before founding Dancing Atoms Studio in 2015, Vani worked at the Oscar-winning Rhythm and Hues, contributing to 40 major VFX projects. She also led DreamWorks Animation’s efforts in Chinese storytelling at Oriental DreamWorks in Shanghai. Vani’s dedication to diversity shines through her Women Creators Program with Epic Games. She is also an associate producer for the TRIBECA Writing in Unreal Program and a mentor for the Unreal Fellowship. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Van is a cherished daughter and wife.


Current Title: Director – Writer – Creative Producer

Studio / Employer:  Dancing Atoms

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanibalgam/

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