Rise to Your Next Level as a Creative Leader

Rise to Your Next Level as a Creative Leader


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Rise to Your Next Level as a Creative Leader



  • Senior designers and animators
  • Creative writers and producers
    Those unafraid to engage in self-reflection


  • Discussion on real-time challenges
  • Feedback session
  • Learning to cultivate your path
  • Discovering a path to steady and sustainable growth
  • Learning how to help yourself find answers to challenges


  • Quick fixes and formulaic answers
  • Instant expertise or immediate mastery


This mentorship group is designed for energetic and ambitious people in creative fields who want to improve their skills as artists and leaders in the entertainment world. People involved in the design, animation, and other creative roles, including branding, advertising, and promotion, will be a perfect fit.

This mentorship is great for people who are already somewhat advanced in their careers and want to become better at leading creative teams and projects. It’s especially good for senior designers and animators who hope to become art directors or creative directors. Creative writers and producers who want to be creative directors will also find this group very helpful.

In our meetings, we’ll discuss real problems you might face. We’ll discuss many important topics, such as:

  • How to build unwavering confidence
  • Identifying and refining your unique voice
  • Being proactive and communicating well
  • Understanding yourself better for personal and work growth
    Navigating the nuances of giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Cultivating resilience in the face of challenges

Join me on this exciting journey, where we’ll learn about leadership, creativity, and growing as a person.

Qualification Criteria

Mid Level (6-10 yrs of experience)
Upper Level (10+ yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Three 
Day / Time:  Thursdays at 3 PM
Timezone: PST

ADDITIONAL Application requirementS

Please submit the following: 

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement explaining why this circle is right for you

Circle Leader

Anna Yoon

Anna Yoon is a highly accomplished creative leader with over 25 years of experience in the Entertainment, Media, and Tech industries. Throughout her career, she has excelled in both traditional and non-traditional creative spaces, earning recognition and awards for many works.

Her most recent role was the VP of Creative Design in Brand Marketing at A+E Networks, and she previously held the VP of Brand Creative role at CBS. She was a creative director and strategist at Netflix for almost four years. She built her Design and Branding expertise as the Head of Branding and Design at various companies such as Food Network/Cooking Channel, WEtv/AMC Networks, and EPIX.

She has recently devoted herself to inspiring and empowering young and seasoned professionals in the creative industry as an executive and career coach at Anna Yoon Leadership, aiming to positively impact their professional journeys.


Current Title: Executive Coach & Creative Consultant

Studio / Employer:  Anna Yoon Leadership

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-yoon-711b442/

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