The Business Side of Animation in the US

The Business Side of Animation in the US


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The Business Side of Animation in the US



The ideal candidate has any of the following interests:

  • Needs to learn about the business side of animation for their careers and to be able to navigate specific conversations in the workplace
  • Wants to start their own studio or switch to full-time freelance and coordinate working with others
  • Is interested in learning about the different business models and financial structures of studios to inform their own future goals better


  • Learn the business pipeline, from sales to marketing to taxes and more
  • Learn the different challenges studios face at scale, from emotional to logistical
  • Learn how studios can implement better workplace practices, policies, etc
  • Learn how to begin the process of starting a studio or how to grow a studio from scratch


We simply do not have time to go through every single aspect of business development at a studio, so don’t expect every department to have an in-depth session. This circle is meant to be an overview while answering specific questions along the way where possible.


This circle will discuss the ins and outs of the business side of an animation studio, share why and how decisions are made, and what steps are required to start your own studio or full-time freelance entity.

There will be a mix of engaging conversations, some small lectures, and some speakers from other businesses (large and small!). The goal is to come out of the circle with a better understanding of how studios operate and to provide information that can help with your personal goals and dreams.

Qualification Criteria

Upper Level (10+ yrs of experience)
Mid Level (6-10 yrs of experience)
Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Weekly
Day / Time:  Tuesday
Timezone: 7:00 pm PST

ADDITIONAL Application Requirements

Please submit the following as additional requirements in your application profile:

  • Resume

Circle Leader

kathryn taccone

Kathryn Taccone is a co-founder and animator at Open Pixel Studios, a women-owned animation studio in Massachusetts.

She has been an executive for the last 5 years in her business. She has gained experience in multiple industries through her unique background and affiliation with animation, video games, film, and theater. Kathryn is passionate about the video game industry as a gamer, streamer, and character animator for mobile and AAA titles. Her experiences over the last decade have led her to her interest in providing safe spaces for communication so we can continue changing and improving workplace environments for the better.


Current Title: Co-Founder

Studio / Employer:  Open Pixel Studios


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