You’re Not an Imposter!

You’re Not an Imposter!


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You’re Not an Imposter!


Applications Open:


  • Production professionals or those in non-artist roles
  • People who have broken into the industry for a couple of years but are unsure of how to move forward
  • Those that have worked in the industry for a while but lost their voice or are not sure what it looks like


  • Discuss the meaning of imposter syndrome and why it’s relevant to your personal and professional growth
  • Ways to combat those feelings of “not enough”
  • How to move forward and through those feelings to come out confident on the other side


  • We will discuss common workplace/job-hunting stressors, but this is not therapy. Please consider working with a mental health professional if you are having a difficult time.
  • No Studio or company bashing
  • This is a safe and professional space

Qualification Criteria

Early Career (3-5 yrs of experience)
Entry Level (1-2 yrs of experience)

Day / Time

Times Per Month:  Twice 
Day / Time:  Wednesday at 5:00 pm
Timezone: PDT

* You must meet the qualification criteria AND be able to attend the posted day/time of the circle (please note the timezone posted)


Working in the Animation and Entertainment industry can be exciting! I know it’s all I dreamed of as a kid. However, turning that dream into a reality was a labor of love. Over the years,  I questioned whether I belonged but eventually found my voice and purpose. Now, I want to help others in non-creative or production roles find theirs and know that YOU’RE NOT AN IMPOSTER!

This circle is a great fit for you if you:

  • have gotten a job or two in the industry, but are feeling like you can’t move forward
  • want to take on more responsibility at work, but aren’t sure how to do that
  • have big career goals but are feeling insecure about how to reach them

This circle will help you:

  • understand that you can move through imposter syndrome
  • help you build resilience and confidence
  • recognize common challenges related to working in the animation industry and how to move through them
  • communicate with confidence
  • find opportunities that are meaningful to you and move toward them

During the circle, mentees will be expected to contribute to the bi-weekly conversations by bringing their challenges and potential solutions to the table and being ready to discuss. Mentees can expect encouragement, guidance, and accountability.

ADDITIONAL Application Requirements

Please submit the following as part of your Application Profile:
*(AFTER you click to apply, you must go into your member profile and complete the member-specific portion; these requirements should be submitted through that profile):  

  • personal Statement explaining why this circle is right for you

Circle Leader

Daujenae Harps

Daujenae is a passionate, driven and successful recruiting and human resources professional within the entertainment industry. After obtaining her Bachelors in Fine Art in Animation from Cal State Fullerton, she went on to gain proven experience searching for passive, artistic and creative talent for companies such as The Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks Animation, and PlayStation. Daujenae also completed a Master’s of Science in Higher Education Administration at National University.


Current Title: Diversity Outreach Specialist

Studio / Employer:  Warner Bros Discovery


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