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Student Collective applications are open through October 6th, 2023. (Exceptions can be made for schools whose academic year doesn’t align with an August/September start date.)

Below are some of the basic requirements for a WIA Student Collective. To renew an existing Collective, the WIA Student Collective must still be in good standing for all the items outlined below.

Recruit Collective members – 10 members is a good start. Your Collective should be open to all people with a focus on supporting women (cis and transgender) and nonbinary students. These Student Collective members are not required to be active, donating WIA members but will need to become a donating WIA member if they want to participate in WIA Membership Exclusive events, apply for WIA scholarships, or participate in the WIA Mentoring Program.

Among all student members, the following student leaders need to be identified (either self-identified, selected, or elected, it’s up to you):

  • Collective Lead (Main Point of Contact)
  • Collective Co-Lead
  • Community Building Lead – Optional, can be taken on by the Collective Co-Leads
  • Event Lead – Optional, can be taken on by the Collective Co-Leads

To keep communication streamlined and help with Collective Information during leadership handoff we require a Student Collective Email address.The email will need to follow this format wia.schoolname@(SCHOOL).EDU or only.

NOTE: Existing Collectives should already have a Student Collectives email address created by previous leadership. Please reach out to gain access to that email; this information should have been passed along to new leadership.

If required by your school, find a faculty advisor to oversee the student Collective for the current academic year.

If required by your school, make sure the Collective is recognized by the school as an official Student Collective (Club) with clear bylaws.

Define the Collective goals and plans for events and activities while keeping WIA’s mission. Each Collective is required to offer at least two WIA Connects (social, networking events that educate participants about WIA’s mission) and at least one Talent Development event (i.e. panel discussions, workshops, guest speakers that help members build their hard and soft skills as an animation professional). Student Collectives are encouraged to meet monthly.




Q: My school used to have a WIA Student Club; is that the same as a WIA Student Collective?

A: Yes! WIA has updated and expanded our WIA Communities model. Our former Student Clubs are now called Student Collectives to align with our update. The name has changed but the core of the program has stayed the same.

Q: What if I can’t find 10 students to join the Collective?

A: That’s okay! Let us know and we will see how we can help you promote. WIA memberships are not required to join a WIA Student Collective, but will be required to participate in any WIA hosted Events, Mentorship Programs, and the Scholarship Program.

Q: There is already an animation Collective at my school. Can this WIA student Collective be a part of it?

A: Yes! We only ask to add “A WIA Student Collective” as the subtitle if you are unable to change the animation Collective’s name.

Q: My school is not located in the US, but I would like to open a Student Collective. Can I still apply?

A: Yes! We encourage international students and schools to apply to have a WIA Student Collective. While we will still operate during the US standardized school year, Collectives are open to anyone. Please reach out to [email protected] if you want to apply outside of the standard US Collectives application period.

Q: It’s in the middle of the semester/quarter, can I still apply to get my WIA student Collective approved, or do I have to wait till the start of the semester/quarter? 

A: In most cases, you’ll need to wait until the next school year to start a WIA-recognized collective. The exception to this is if your school’s academic calendar falls outside of an August/September start date. If that’s the case, please reach out to WIA Education for more information.

Q: I am a faculty/educator, how do I go about helping my students to start a WIA student Collective?

A: Thank you so much for your support of your students! Please spread the word to your students and engage their interest in starting a WIA Student Collective. If you have identified potential student leaders, please direct them to fill out the application form, once available. However, please note that the WIA Collective should be, but not limited to, student-run. Please reach out to WIA Education at [email protected] and we would love to chat about how to collaborate.




Q: Our Collective would like to start a new program! Can we do this? What should we do?

A: WIA defines a program as an ongoing, systematic effort, service, or collection of resources that meets specific community needs. For example, WIA runs the following programs: Mentorship, the Talent Database, Scholarship and the Job Board. Since successful programs generally require a longer-term commitment to development and upkeep, Collectives are encouraged to be thoughtful about how the proposed program would continue beyond any particular Collective leader’s term. Before embarking on any program development or promotion, you must connect with WIA at [email protected] about your idea. WIA’s Signoff is REQUIRED. 

Q: Can I still host events during the summer and winter breaks?

A: Absolutely! Just us know if this is part of your plan.

Q: What are the exclusive events for WIA student Collective members?

A: This is hosted by WIA Education and the topic depends on the needs of the students as well as support from the industry. The information and invitation will only be sent to the WIA student Collective members. Due to multiple locations of WIA student Collectives, these exclusive events will only take place virtually so everyone can attend.

Q: Is it possible to collaborate with other WIA student Collectives to host events together?

A: Of course and we strongly encourage you to do so at least one event of the year. This is to help you and your fellow Collective members to expand your network outside of school. Approved Student Collectives will have access to a database with the contact information of other Student Collective leaders. 

Q: How do I go about asking WIA’s help to find a speaker?

A: We have a request for a speaker form for all WIA student Collectives to fill out after the WIA Student Collective is approved. Upon receiving the request, WIA Education will assist you in any way possible. Once a speaker is sourced, we will make sure you have their contact information for planning if necessary. Please note that WIA requires all events with speakers sourced from WIA to be open to other WIA Student Collectives.

Q: Is there any WIA local chapter that we can work with and ask for support?

A: WIA has many local chapters, which you can find on our website. We encourage you to reach out to them to see if there are ways you can collaborate.

Q: I am a student leader but I am incredibly overwhelmed with my own school work, can I resign?

A: Yes, your schoolwork comes first. In this case, ask your peers to see who can step up to help with running the WIA student Collective. Once a new leader is chosen, please contact WIA Education and let us know so that we can continue to provide support for your fellow students/members.

Q: Will we receive WIA swag to hand out to our Collective members?

A: WIA Swag will be provided as we have it available. We will send swag out in bulk and alert our Collectives via email when it is available. There will not be a request form.

Q: Can my Collective make our own WIA swag?

A: Yes but please make sure you follow our WIA branding guidelines which is provided to Approved Student Collectives. WIA’s Signoff is REQUIRED. Please do not confirm or put any money towards swag that has not been approved by WIA first: ([email protected] AND [email protected]).

Q: Does WIA provide funding to Student Collectives?

A: Not at this time, but many schools will provide some type of financial support for student groups officially registered with the school. Collective leaders can also ask for donations to offset Collective costs or talk with the faculty advisor about how to access some funds. However, WIA is unable to open or handle any banking information on behalf of a Student Collective. Please defer to your university or school regarding school club finances.

WIA Student Collectives Info Session 2023-24

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