Mar 9 – Barbie: Finding Your Voice


Join us Tuesday Mar 9th, for a WIA Panel Discussion:

Barbie:  Finding Your Voice

Barbie. She’s an icon. A toy. A global brand with over 98% awareness around the world. She was created to be a vehicle for self-expression and dreams, but for most of her fifty years, she existed as the projection of society on a plastic doll, kept in a box, not able to speak for herself. With Youtube and the rise of influencers, we saw the opportunity to finally give Barbie a voice – a voice that could speak for herself and for girls and women around the world – for when Barbie speaks, people pay attention.  The Barbie character and her vlog resonated with demographics and gender across the board and has become an authentic and empowering reflection for women/ girls, generating over 10M subscribers. The Vlog has been called “The only good Youtuber” by Mashable and others, and continues to be applauded for it’s candor and authentic character and opinions.

This panel will explore how the Barbie Vlog and current Barbie Character were created: our goals, purpose, and process.

Panelists Include:

Nathan Baynard
Vice President, Global Brand Marketing – Barbie at Mattel

Julia Pistor
Creator and Writer / Creative Producer, BarbieVlog

Teale Sperling
Manager, Creative Content Mattel and Creative Producer, Barbie Vlog

America Young
Actress / Director, Barbie Vlog

The event will be moderated by Marge Dean, President of Women In Animation.


Wednesday March 9th, 2021
6:30 PST
Live on Zoom


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Join Michael Rianda, the director of Sony Pictures Animation’s upcoming “Connected” as he shares with wild-eyed enthusiasm everything he’s ever learned about storytelling!



NOV 1  •  NOV 8  •  NOV 15  •  NOV 22




Why stories are important and how your story could CHANGE LIVES AND THE WORLD?!

How to make clear, great, professional storyboards!

How to tell stories that make the audience genuinely care about your story!

How to use question and answer storytelling to make the audience an active participant in your story!

How to convince legitimate businesspeople to give a project to YOU, a ridiculous cartoon-loving child!

How to become a Story Wolf, howling into the night – eyes glowing with storytelling power!

And for a limited time only – if you act now – he will reveal the one weird trick that will make you the greatest storyteller of all time!*

* I mean, he’ll try at least. He’s not a miracle worker. But it’s true that many of his former students are now genuine storyboarding bad-asses with real jobs and everything. (How much he had to do with that is debatable.) But he does care a lot, knows some stuff, and will do his best.



Why does story matter, you ask? How can your stories potentially change lives and the world? Mike will share his experiences and teach you how to make clear storyboards that anyone can understand – from a kid to a studio exec to your weird uncle!

November 1 – WIA Members

Ever wonder how to create a story that makes the audience care about your characters? This class will focus on how to tell meaningful stories, with a focus on structure and development, including the use of contrast to create interesting stories and great characters! It’s almost too much for one class – watch Mike talk really fast and sweat a lot!

November 8 – WIA Members

A Comprehensive List of All the Other Things Mike has Ever Learned! Question and Answer Storytelling! Observation and Innovation Vs. Cliché! Mike will share what he’s learned from over 10 years of telling stories at the top animation studios in town, and from directing his first-ever animated feature – and most importantly, how to destroy your own fear to become a superhuman storytelling warrior!

November 15 – WIA Members

In this final session, Mike will explore how to present your ideas in a way that will get other people as excited about your ideas as you are – including, The 25 Most Common Mistakes People Make when Pitching and the Top 25 Things You Can Do to Make Your Pitch Truly Great! And – How to Convince Legitimate Businesspeople to Give a Project to YOU, a Ridiculous Cartoon-Loving Child!

November 22 – WIA Members

November 15 – WIA Members


Black N’ Animated & Women In Animation Join Forces With Top Independent Studios To Offer A Free Storyboard Class


Class Will Be Held Virtual/Live On Zoom

Saturday, November 7th



Black N Animated has teamed up with independent studios Oddbot, Six Point Harness, Titmouse, Renegade and Powerhouse to hold a virtual, day long storyboarding class in collaboration with Women in Animation!

Over the course of the day-long workshop, participants will be given practical guidance, useful skills, and a familiarity with different positions and career opportunities in the animation industry.

With sessions led by top artists in the industry, the day will cover boarding from script pages, boarding for action shows, boarding for comedy, and boarding for primetime. At the end of the workshop, participants will receive handouts and assignments to complete a story test for review by one of the participating studio partners!

The class will be open to college-level students all the way up to working professionals, specifically to benefit people of color. The program will accept the first 250 applicants who qualify, and will be delivered in a format established and proven successful by Six Point Harness. 



Noëlle Raffaele is a director and story artist in the tv and feature animation industry.  She hails from New York City, where she graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art and got her start in TV concept art and motion graphics animation. In pursuing a path towards narrative animation, Noëlle relocated to LA where she completed the UCLA Animation Workshop and got her start at Six Point Harness. Her credits include The Legend of the Three Caballeros, (Disney+), Everstar (TV pilot – Amazon), Lizzie (Dreamworks TV), RadLands, Monster High (Mattel), Barbie: Super Sparkle (Mattel) and The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. She later became a full-time story artist for Warner Bros. Feature animation, where she worked on Ninjago (2017), S.C.O.O.B. (2020), and development for Space Jam 2, Billion Brick Race, and other yet to be announced titles. Noëlle debuted as a director on the first two seasons of Warner Bros. DC Superhero Girls, where she directed the premiere TV movie and 17 episodes. Since then she directed on a feature project in development at Dreamworks Animation, was Head of Story on a short to be released from Taiko Studio, and has most recently been doing story work on a project in development by Brad Bird. 


Bryan Newton is a Director and Storyboard Artist, known for his work on such television shows as Rick and Morty and Teen Titans Go!


Emmy Award-winning Matt Danner is an established Creator, Executive Producer, and Writer/Director in the animation industry. He has worked with Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Mattel, among others. His development deals with Disney and Warner Bros have spawned multiple series.  Matt has entertained audiences with his work on such projects as THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW, MICKEY MOUSE SHORTS, GRAVITY FALLS, and has directed three feature length films for the HOT WHEELS franchise. He also co-authored a book with Fantagraphics Books entitled SOCK MONKEY: INTO THE DEEP WOODS. Matt is currently the Exec Producer and Supervising Director for MUPPET BABIES for Disney Junior. He spearheaded the development of the show and is writing episodes as well. Matt is also the voice of KERMIT THE FROG, ROWLF THE DOG, WALDORF, BEAKER and SWEDISH CHEF. Matt has been nominated for 5 Emmys for Muppet Babies for the Writing, Producing, Directing categories and won for his performance as Kermit.


His other producing/directing credits include XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN, DONALD DUCK: LEGEND OF THE THREE CABALLEROS, DAN VS, JOHNNY TEST, WANDER OVER YONDER, YOGI BEAR, JETSONS, FLINTSTONES, SCOOBY DOO, WWE SLAM CITY, MUCHA LUCHA, COCONUT FRED, and Adult Swim’s THE DRINKY CROW SHOW. Matt Danner and his Dannerland Productions have close business relationships with a variety of studios in Los Angeles, England, Australia, Canada, Israel, Mexico, and Transylvania. Together they continue to innovate the worlds of animation, toys, and gaming with EPIC, COMEDIC, QUALITY CONTENT while always keeping an eye to the future.

Sep 21 – Lauren faust: An Inspirational Journey From Animator To Writer/Creator

PLEASE JOIN WOMEN IN ANIMATION FOR THIS INTERVIEW AND Q&A! The conversation will be led by Executive Producer Nicole Grindle,
and will be open to your questions both live and in advance!


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Monday, September 21st, 2020
5 – 6pm PDT

Zoom: Invitation to follow

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Sep 17 – The 2020 WIA Student Showcase Awards Ceremony

Please join women in animation to celebrate the class of 2020 student showcase filmmakers!

Wia’s education team, led by chair hsiang chin moe, received over 400 film entries from 120 schools in 17 countries. The showcase has two important purposes: connecting the emerging talent with animation powerhouses and recruiters and celebrating these amazing short animated films created by the class of 2020.

Please tune in as the jurors revealing the top films and their favorites!

Thursday, September 17th, 2020
2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm GMT

Zoom: Invitation to follow

This LIVE event is open to and WIA Members and friends of WIA.  This is a ticketed event requiring an RSVP.  ONLY THOSE WHO RSVP will be sent the meeting link and password to view.

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