A successful pathway into the animation industry begins with education, both students as well as educators. Women in Animation can only achieve the goal of 50/50 by 2025 in informing new talent how they can begin to integrate their career path far before graduation.

By joining WIA, a student member will gain access to industry contacts, information, and standards in their schools. Students will also have exposure to mentorship opportunities, studio tours, and live lectures given by industry professionals. WIA is determined to work with educators to demystify the pathway from the classroom to the industry by sharing resources and brainstorming what is best for your students


WIA Scholarship is an annual award committed to furthering deserving animation students who demonstrate artist talent, a passion for animation, a financial need, and a promising future in the field of animation.

In addition to the WIA’s Scholarship Program, WIA has a growing list of external scholarship opportunities so please check out the WIA Scholarship Resources page.


The Women in Animation (WIA) Student Club Program is dedicated to working with a group of student members to establish an official WIA student club at a university or school; both online and in-person. The WIA Student Club proves opportunities to build an animation community within the school, to develop leadership skills, expand the professional network, attend exclusive events, and find your allies.


WIA Education is determined to work with educators at different schools and universities to see how we can collaborate on demystifying the career path from the classroom to the industry. If you have any feedback, suggestions, and questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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